Punk goes virtual: Meeting Past and Present Stars in Cleveland, Akron and Kent

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Punk music is effervescent and memorable — and Ohio is where it all began. On October 8, Cleveland’s Vanity Crash took to Facebook Live in their event justly titled “The Birth of Punk in Cleveland, Akron and Kent,” to document punk through the ages, from Dead Boys to the Pretenders, bringing past artists to the forefront of the current creative movement.

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Less Life, More “The Heart Part 4”

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Drake, presumably peeved at this op-ed

Editor’s Note: Yeah, yeah, okay. Kendrick is king, I agree Emily. But if you keep fuckin w/ that OVO Sound you’re gonna catch these Music Director hands. I’m watching you. 

Some things I learned while studying for midterms this past week:

1. Despite his claims on “Jorja Interlude,” Drake has become delusional and needs to take a break.
2. Kendrick Lamar is the best hip-hop artist of our generation. (J. Cole fans, please sit down).

While I already suspected these facts to be true, the release of Drake’s More Life last Saturday followed by the release of Kendrick’s song “The Heart Part 4” five days later confirmed my beliefs. Continue reading “Less Life, More “The Heart Part 4””

Andy Shauf @ DC9

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In a packed room on Monday night, Andy Shauf brought The Party and all the characters from his 2016 release to DC9.

Chris Cohen and his band opened things up with some jazzy melodies. Psychedelic guitar riffs intermingled with bass. A keyboard phrase, aptly substituting for a horn or saxophone in the piece, ran through a persistent minor key while the former Deerhoof band member’s lo-fi guitar chords brought “Drink from a Silver Cup” together in a slow swing piece with dramatic drum fills. Continue reading “Andy Shauf @ DC9”

Jeff Rosenstock @ DC9

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Jeff Rosenstock, the DIY music legend and prolific artist, played DC9 Thursday night for one of the last days of a tour with Hard Girls and Katie Ellen.

The Long Island frontman has been a part of many successful bands and has an extensive discography tied to his name. But, his solo career has not gone unnoticed either. With the release of his third solo LP, Jeff Rosenstock has been selling out shows and continuing to spread compassion and love in dark political times. The new album, Worry, is reflective of the disillusioning environment Rosenstock sees today, releasing emotion to every listener who plays it. Continue reading “Jeff Rosenstock @ DC9”

Still Corners @ DC9

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Watching Still Corners in DC9’s intimate space on Tuesday night, it was hard to miss the surprising number of local music scene members that were in attendance. As the dream pop band from London played, everyone drifted into a collective dazed mirage.


The presence of local bands and people in the DIY scene was mainly due to D.C.’s slow-tempo, dreamy opener, Cigarette. After their mystical, lo-fi performance and a quick set from country artist, Dougie Poole, Still Corners took the stage.

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