PREVIEW: Animal Collective & Fleet Foxes @ Merriweather Post Pavillion

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ISOBEL MOHYEDDIN // According to Billboard Magazine and Consequence of Sound, Merriweather Post Pavillion ranks among not only the best amphitheaters in the nation, but finds itself listed as one of the best music venues period. Located in Columbia, Maryland, Merriweather was opened 50 years ago and is celebrated its anniversary only a few weeks ago on July 14th. Two indie powerhouses are touring through the DMV area and stopping by Merriweather later this summer on what is bound to be a show to remember.

Animal Collective has been churning out new music throughout the year. Despite releasing The Painters EP earlier this year, Animal Collective never seems to stop creating and producing new music. they released their second EP of 2017, Meeting of the Waters. Recorded originally as a part of a VICELAND documentary series, the EP consists of four tracks recorded along the Amazon Rainforest.

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PREVIEW: Cloud Nothings @ 9:30 Club 5/20

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ISOBEL MOHYEDDIN // Ohio-natives Cloud Nothings are set to perform at the 9:30 Club on May 20th with Daniel Bachman as their opening act. Their sixth studio album Life Without Sound was released earlier this year, and marks a clear shift in the band’s sound — distancing themselves from their lo-fi roots. 

Cloud Nothings emerged from humble beginnings in the dawn of the internet age. Dylan Baldi, the band’s creator and lead singer, began posting songs like “Hey Cool Kid” and “Whaddya Wanna Know” on his MySpace page  as an 18-year-old college dropout. The former is still one of the band’s most popular tracks, and these basement recordings led him to performing with acts such as Real Estate.

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PREVIEW: Perfume Genius @ 9:30 Club 5/15

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SAMANTHA HARDY // No Shape, released released May 5th via Matador, makes this Mike Hadreas’ fourth album under the name Perfume Genius.

Produced by Blake Mills who has worked with artists such as Fiona Apple, No Shape has received high praise by critics from Pitchfork stating it is “pure decadence. [No Shape is] his most realized album yet, a tender a transcendental protest record of love and devotion.” Pitchfork gave it an 8.8 and filed it under Best New Album.

This serves as a follow to his 2014 album Too Bright, co-produced by Adrian Utley of Portishead. Too Bright also received rave reviews by many new outlets.

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PREVIEW: Giorgio Moroder @ 9:30 Club 5/12

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ANOUR ESA // “My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everybody calls me Giorgio.” This is a line from Daft Punk’s 2013 track, Giorgio by Moroder, which has something to the order of 45 million hits on Spotify.

This was the first time I, a millennial had ever heard of Giorgio Moroder. I soon became enthralled with the story of this mysterious godfather of techno, and began listening to his music, old and new.

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PREVIEW: Demetri Martin @ Lincoln Theatre 5/13

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ANDREW RIBLET // With Demetri Martin, he seems to do it all, having starred in his own TV show, Important Things, written on famous late night hosts, and has produced his own stand up tours. Demetri has the uncanny ability to bring in a variety of talents into his comedy including drawing, music, and his use of pure wit, which he will certainly be bringing to the Lincoln Theater on Saturday, May 13th.

His new tour, aptly named “Let’s Get Awkward” returns to the Lincoln Theatre, where his hit Netflix special Demetri Martin: Live (At the Time) was filmed two years ago. It showcased some of his finest work, while also adding a new darker edge. Keeping close to his normal one-line type jokes, Demetri finds himself opening up a little more about his personal life in the spaces between his segments. Martin’s take on the weird intricacies of life are not only hilarious, but eye opening. As an unusual and sometimes absurd comic Demetri has found ways to make such ordinary things like pedestrians, hot dogs, and Tic Tacs into hilarious stories and concepts, questioning the way in which we live our lives. However, while Demetri Martin’s work has become a little darker than his older jokes, he still maintains his light hearted wit, often accompanied by his guitar and harmonica; a staple of his performances. Going away from his drawings, Martin has instead decided to continue to perfect the art of one-liners which keeps the audience open to the variety of topics that Martin explores.

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