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A particularly literary bunch of DJs from WRGW District Radio, the George Washington University’s student-run radio station, are taking time from our live broadcasts (everyday 8am-2 am) to bring you the latest updates in music news, concert reviews, interviews, editorials, and more! 

Staff Writers

Emma Westcott – Music Blog Editor, Writer

Emma is originally from Elmira, New York. She is in the business school with a minor in music and is graduating in 2023! Some of her favorite artists are Fleetwood Mac, One Direction (and their solo work), David Bowie, Declan Mckenna, Elton John, and Pink Floyd. Emma loves to collect records (currently has about 65) and her favorite place in the world is Syracuse Vintage Vinyl in upstate new york! Emma writes a column entitled “Playlists from the Subconscious” and describes it as such:  “my column is basically where I write about a pretty specific mood or feeling that I think everyone has or will experience at some point, and I try to put it to music. I always hear a song and immediately put it to a movie scene in my head or to a certain situation, so my column is basically my way of using flowery words to show everyone else the playlists I make!” Read everything Emma has written for WRGW here.

Jess Makler – Website Designer, Writer, WRGW Production Director

Jess (BA ’22) is a Journalism major with a self-made concentration in audio design and music technology. In her free time, you can find her listening to podcasts like All Songs Considered and Sound Opinions- she never listens to the same song twice! Her favorite artists are surf rock band BRONCHO and girl rock groups like Tacocat and Ex Hex. Follow her on spotify! https://open.spotify.com/user/jessirwin422?si=2pevHHlwQ-m57mJjnEpxvQ Read everything Jess has written for WRGW here.


Claire Lanthier – Music Staff Writer

Claire is an International Affairs and American Studies major graduating in 2023, but spends more of her time making niche playlists and watching comfort movies than anything else. Claire has too many favorite artists to count, such as Beach House, Twin Peaks, Cocteau Twins, Fleetwood Mac, Elliott Smith, and Angel Olsen. She loves listening to everything: from 1970s folk singers to Riot Grrrl from the 90s to today’s RnB. Claire edits all of the submissions to the blog, and also writes a column entitled “No-Skip Saturday” which she describes here: “No Skip Saturday covers albums that are perfect for listening to all-the-way-through, no skips needed! I’ve never been a big album person, but I have some that I think that everyone should listen to, usually because they are narrative albums that tell a great story.” Read everything she’s written for WRGW here. 

Brennen Owens – Music Staff Writer

Brennen is a Junior graduating in 2022, studying history in Columbian! He’s really into folk, rock, and experimental music and some of his favorite artists are Phil Ochs, Parquet Courts, Dick Higgins, and The Weather Station. Brennen is originally from Albany, New York, “the capital of the state believe it or not.” Fun fact about Brennen: “At orientation I couldn’t think of a good fun fact and lied, saying I was trained in falconry.” Read everything he’s written for WRGW here.


Katherine Andrews: Music Staff Writer

Katherine is a junior (2022) in American Studies and History here at GW. Her favorite artists change pretty regularly, but go-to listening includes Arca, Blood Orange, Broadcast, Laraaji, Neil Young, and Yo La Tengo. She says “If I could listen to one single piece of music for the rest of my life, it would be ‘Einstein on the Beach.’ It’s completely wild, but so much fun.” Katherine has a column here at WRGW, entitled Keeping Score. Katherine describes it here: “Keeping Score pairs movies with albums for recommended viewing and listening. Like a fine wine with a well aged cheese.” Read everything she’s written for WRGW here.


Oliver Kogod – Music Staff Writer

Oliver is a junior majoring in American Studies, and originally is from San Francisco, CA. He enjoy taking extensive walks, reading, dancing, crossword puzzles, burritos, writing, jumping in the ocean, playing ping pong, and throwing down. Any activity related to music inspires Oliver in life: listening, creating, sharing, performing, discussing, etc. He listens to a lot of stuff, bands that shaped who I am include Fugazi and the Ramones. If you are curious about genres some (but not all) of his favorites are punk, funk, post-punk + post-hardcore, dub, grunge, alternative, and folk. Oliver has a column here at WRGW, which he describes here: “Returning the Gift is my place to record many of my random thoughts on music. There are lots of fascinating aspects of music to me, but the ones that intrigue me the most/the ones I tend to write about are music’s impact on society, music as a source of community, music as a social practice (ritual), and the unheard possibilities of music. The column is named after the Gang of Four song Return The Gift, from their album Entertainment! which I highly recommend. I feel as though all these bands in the world which I love have given out their music (their gift), now it is my turn to provide something to the world. This is my response within the greater exchange between artist and consumer/listener. Hope you enjoy it! Hit me up if you have any thoughts to share.” Read everything he’s written for WRGW here. 

Samiha Farooqi, Music Staff Writer

Samiha is a freshman (2024) and is a journalism major (but ” I’m indecisive so we’ll see how that goes).” She likes indie/alt rock the most, but is not particularly picky about what genre of music she listens to. Her top 5 favorite artists (at the moment) are Wallows, The Strokes, The Growlers, Declan McKenna, and Arctic Monkeys. She’s also kind of obsessed with The Buggles – “They dropped one album in the 80s, cashed in for their one-hit-wonder, and dipped and I respect it.” Samiha has a column for WRGW titled “omg you’re so indie” which she describes here: “my column is called “omg you’re so indie,” and before you ask, yes—I have already been cyberbullied by approximately 3 of my friends for it so far. Will update that count on a later date. In the actual column, I’ll be highlighting a different indie artist every other week in an attempt to figure out, or even define, what it actually means to fall under the indie genre. I’d like to see if one day I can answer the question, what actually is indie music? And, can it even be considered a genre at all?”

Colleen Cavanaugh, Music Staff Writer

Colleen is a Political Communication major and Film Studies minor graduating in 2022. She loves everything from 70s rock to grunge to musicals. Some of her favorite artists include Queens of the Stone Age, The Stooges, Pearl Jam, The Smiths, Oasis, and many more! When not listening to music you can find Colleen watching movies and listening to podcasts about them. Colleen has a column for WRGW called “Just Riffing,” which she describes here: “Just Riffing is a column where I pick a guitarist I find particularly interesting or admirable and write about them! It covers everything from style to sound to gear. As an amateur myself, I love picking apart what makes my favorite players great.” Read everything Colleen has written for WRGW here.
Abby Rose Notarnicola
Abby Rose is a Sophomore from Westchester, NY, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology and Exercise Science. When she’s not listening to music, cooking up a trader Joe’s inspired meal or checking out a local coffee shop, she’s running with the GWU Club Cross Country team! As for music, some of her favorite artists are the Omar Apollo, Steve Lacy, The Wallows, The Lumineers, Kings of Leon and many more, and she tends to gravitate towards alternative and indie music, yet has an ear for all different genres. Abby Rose will be writing in the “Your Next Favorite Artist” column, where she will introduce an artist, explain what they are about, their appeal, how their music makes her feel and what songs of theirs are her favorite. Essentially, she will be finding her readers their next new artist obsession, and linking a playlist to make it easy 🙂