REVIEW Flying Lotus in 3D at Echostage

BY ELIJAH AQUILINA// November 5th – a date notable only for the ‘Gunpowder Treason and Plot’ wherein the inventor of the Guy Fawkes mask tried to blow up English parliament 400 years ago. It also happened to be the tour date of Flying Lotus’ obligatory stop in the capital– but unfortunately, there was no plot to blow up the venue. The only target of combustion was the audience’s eardrums, though I regret to say that all attempts at delivering smooth vibes and melodic violence fell on deaf ears so-to-speak.  

This big name concert began like any other big name concert: in a headliner-catching venue with high ceilings and at least four staffed bars. The bathrooms were quite nice. They were well staffed with restroom attendants offering paper towels to freshly relieved show goers. Apart from the sounds of Capitol Hill Yupps getting dusted in the stalls, it was a shining star of class inside the well disguised cardboard box that Washingtonians affectionately call E C H O S T A G E [styled ec4ostag3]. The place fills a niche and I have no complaints whatsoever about what Echostage is, does and represents. The only sign of objective depravity I found in the whole place was their barbaric “No Ins and Outs” policy.

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PREVIEW Hippo Campus @ 9:30 Club, 11/13

BY PASHA VAFAEE// Hippo Campus is returning to 9:30 Club, this time headlining their own tour with support from Remo Drive. The young St. Paul indie-rock quartet has only just gotten back to US soil, still riding the success of their UK tour, and has been rocking sold-out shows across the country, playing songs from their first full-length 2017 album, Landmark, as well as their recent self-produced EP, Warm Glow.

Although the band is relatively new to the music scene, they are anything but novices. In the four years since their formation, Hippo Campus has headlined five tours, played at major music festival, such as South by Southwest, Lollapalooza, and Bonnaroo, and provided back-up support for seasoned bands, such as My Morning Jacket, Modest Mouse, The Mowgli’s, Walk the Moon, Jr Jr, Real Estate, and more. Their first EP under Grand Jury Records, Bashful Creatures, garnered them the attention from the public, with live shows quickly following at CBS, WFUV, KEXP, and KCRW.

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REVIEW: RL Grime @ Echo Stage

BY: SYDNEY SPENCER //As my second time seeing RL Grime live, it was obvious that the young DJ was determined to deliver powerful and grimey dubstep as displayed in his past hits. I entered the venue ready to head bang and get down to the dj’s iconically heavy beats. Like most RL Grime shows, the crowd was loud, packed, and ready for anything RL Grime would throw down.

This weekend RL Grime was perched on a tall platform that seemed to loom above the audience. This gave the opening light show a wicked, mysterious and enigmatic vibe. At first, this reflected the presence of a more mature DJ, but as the night went on, RL Grime’s classic sounds shined. It was also apparent that the DJ intended to showcase new mixing styles. While just as intense as his previous shows, the style had more of a “pop” style than past sets.  As much as I love his grimey dubstep, the pop sounds brought through a new energy with tons of dancing and high energy fans. With his latest single, Era, released in October, and a nationwide tour ahead, it’s understandable that RL Grime would want to expand his fan base and engage as many audiences as he can. After witnessing the relentless moshing of my friends and fellow concert-attendees, there was no doubt that RL Grime met that goal in Washington, DC.

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PREVIEW: The Hotelier @ Songbyrd 11/3

BY ALI GAUGLER // On Friday, November 3rd, emo revivalists, The Hotelier, will be playing a show at Songbyrd Music House and Record Café, after the release of their third studio album, Goodness.

There is a sincerity in The Hotelier’s music that can only come from first hand experience. The band was formed in 2009 when the members were still in high school in Massachusetts. They put out their first record, It Never Goes Out, in 2011, presenting the urgency of teenage emotion with authenticity.

Their second album, Home, Like Noplace is There, was released in 2014. With even more emotion than that behind their debut, the album deals with dark topics such as toxic and abusive relationships as well as suicide in a way to inspire personal growth and transformation. This album lead to The Hotelier being named as one of the main bands leading the emo revival.

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PREVIEW: Flying Lotus in 3D @ Echostage 11/5


The multi-genre experimental artist, Flying Lotus, will be coming to DC on November 5th with his immersive 3D tour.

Flying Lotus jumpstarted his producing career after submitting a song to Adult Swim under the same moniker. After that, he was signed to Warp Records and created Los Angeles (2008), his second studio album, under the label. Eventually, as he gained popularity, he launched his own label Brainfeeder, under which he released his more popular songs like “Zodiac Shit”.

He has largely been an experimental electronic dj, but has not limited himself to the genre. His most recent album “You’re Dead!”, which was released in 2015, incorporates more jazz and funk elements than previous albums and can be seen in the songs “Never Catch Me (feat. Kenrick Lamar)” and “Coronus, the Terminator”. His newest album also includes collaborations with artists such as Thundercat and Snoop Dogg.

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