She Wants Revenge @ Black Cat, 11/3


If one were to describe the band She Wants Revenge, a post-punk and darkwave duo from California, in a phrase, one would be inclined to state that this group thrives on chaos.  Their songs describe in heart-aching detail the wrenching pain and pleasure received from those chaotic relationships which send one into a tailspin of which they’re unlikely, and unwilling, to pull out.  From tales of a midnight rendezvous which feels so wrong (yet so right) to stories of losing all semblance of control to the pulsating rhythms of a club DJ, this band excels at songs which reach the precipice between known and unknown, precedent and uncharted territory. If you haven’t heard their self titled first album prepare to feel breathless with anticipation, heart racing at full tilt to every single track in a gallop of excitement spanning a full hour.  Between crackling vocals from Justin Warfield, Adam Bravin fills the void with sweeping synthesizers, blaring guitars and pumping rhythms which strike the constitution like a jackhammer.  Overall, this band is a must-see, must-hear powerhouse as they strike Washington, D.C. on November 3rd.

At the same time, we must absolutely not forget the two acts which will be accompanying She Wants Revenge to the nation’s capital.  The Chameleons, known by its latest iteration ChameleonsVox, was and remains a fundamental pillar of the 1980s Manchester post-punk scene.  Influencing groups like Editors, Interpol, and Oasis, the songwriting of Mark Burgess and company marry Thatcher-hued anxieties with shimmering guitar riffs in a sonic marriage made in heaven, or to quote the British press, a “sonic cathedral.”  If you want just a taste of their mastery of the post-punk intricacies, I would recommend listening to “Swamp Thing” off of their 1986 album Strange Times.  At the same time, D’Arcy, a indie songwriter who has partnered with the likes of Sonny DiPerri, will also similarly be hitting the stage in a hallmark performance of the rising undercurrent of punk pop which seemingly grows by the day in such hallowed cities like New York, the place which she calls home.

All of this and more will hit the Black Cat on November 3rd.  You’re not going to want to miss this one, get tickets here.

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