6/30: San Cisco, MOTHXR @ Black Cat

Photo Credit : San Cisco


8:30 pm. The Black Cat was about half filled, and the opener for the night, Brooklyn-based MOTHXR, had quite a few fans already, with cheers and hoots filling the venue as soon as the band took the stage. Having never heard the band before, I was pleasantly surprised and refreshed with their sound. A five piece band, MOTHXR had no trouble cranking out at full volume with their tunes. They seemed to be a band that bridged all sorts of time periods, giving off a very 80s reminiscent vibe while often rocking out in the manner of a modern rock band. Their music is a refreshing mix of electronic and instrumental, almost chillstep with a rock twist to it. If I had to pick a genre that they fit into, I would have to go for the easy way out and call them Indie–which of course is not a genre in and of itself.

These guys seriously pleasantly perplexed my genre sorting sense. If you know DC native band, The Walking Sticks, you could say MOTHXR is their older, heavier cousin. Towards the end of their set, with the crowd more pumped up than one would expect for an opener, the band let their loud side out to close out with a bang, funneling their sound, instrumental and vocal, into a whirlwind of sound, complex, loud, and satisfying, and then closing on a quirky 5 note tune. If you haven’t heard of the band, I definitely recommend giving them a listen on their Soundcloud here!

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Together PANGEA at Black Cat

Photo Credit: Together PANGEA/Black Cat Photography
Photo Credit: Together PANGEA/Black Cat Photography

Together PANGEA, a three-piece band from Los Angeles, took the stage at the Black Cat backstage Tuesday night.  The indie grunge band captivated the small audience, perfectly suiting the intimate venue that allowed the fans to get close to the stage. The setting was dark; a perfect fit for the raw, honest and sometimes vulgar lyrics. The audience, comprised of die-hard fans and some friends and relatives, loved that the band put out beats they could jump and head-bang to. Even if you had not heard the music before, you could still find yourself moving to the beat. Continue reading “Together PANGEA at Black Cat”

Review: Shark Week and Bass Drum of Death at the Black Cat


Concertgoers had no doubts whether or not Shark Week and Bass Drum of Death would deliver on Friday night. Simply, the DC locals and the Mississippi garage rockers tore the roof off the Black Cat Backstage. The crowd was so dense, in fact, that BDoD proved themselves more than worthy of booking the renowned Black Cat mainstage in a year or so following their next album (we’re crossing our fingers for that record to come soon)

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Shows We're Stoked For: Shark Week and Bass Drum of Death

Photo by Monti Smith

The last time we saw DC locals Shark Week, they were opening for Mac DeMarco in the basement of an American University academic building. This Thursday, they’ll rile the crowd for Mississippi’s Bass Drum of Death at the Black Cat. Shark Week’s wild psych sound comes alive through performance, almost as if infused with a new, rawer soul. That rough ’round the edges sensibility is the perfect match for Bass Drum of Death, the Southern princes of garage rock.  The black and white checkerboard floor of the Black Cat could withstand a number of things tomorrow night: grooving, stomping, head banging, crowd surfing and plenty of beer spillage.

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