REVIEW Flying Lotus in 3D at Echostage

BY ELIJAH AQUILINA// November 5th – a date notable only for the ‘Gunpowder Treason and Plot’ wherein the inventor of the Guy Fawkes mask tried to blow up English parliament 400 years ago. It also happened to be the tour date of Flying Lotus’ obligatory stop in the capital– but unfortunately, there was no plot to blow up the venue. The only target of combustion was the audience’s eardrums, though I regret to say that all attempts at delivering smooth vibes and melodic violence fell on deaf ears so-to-speak.  

This big name concert began like any other big name concert: in a headliner-catching venue with high ceilings and at least four staffed bars. The bathrooms were quite nice. They were well staffed with restroom attendants offering paper towels to freshly relieved show goers. Apart from the sounds of Capitol Hill Yupps getting dusted in the stalls, it was a shining star of class inside the well disguised cardboard box that Washingtonians affectionately call E C H O S T A G E [styled ec4ostag3]. The place fills a niche and I have no complaints whatsoever about what Echostage is, does and represents. The only sign of objective depravity I found in the whole place was their barbaric “No Ins and Outs” policy.

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REVIEW: Alex Cameron @ Songbyrd

BY: VICTORIA MIDDLETON // Alex Cameron was unexpectedly solemn at points during his performance at Songbyrd Music House Monday night.

“I wrote this song in Vegas while thinking about Tom Petty,” he recalled, lamenting the ways of “the universe” before performing the song “Runnin’ Outta Luck.” However, Cameron never allowed the vibe to to get dark for more than a few seconds, even when an eager fan shouted for him to play one of his slower tracks, “The Hacienda.”

“Oh god, no,” Cameron laughed. “It’s too sad.”

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REVIEW: Crystal Castles @ 9:30 Club

BY SARAH SOPHER AND SYDNEY SPENCER // Our hope for Crystal Castles’ first DC show of the year was that the group would deliver an original performance laced with raw emotion and passion. That’s what we were used to with Alice Glass, at least.

In front of a giant mural depicting a battered and beaten Madonna, the show opened with clashing noises and flashing green lights taking over the room. Ethan Kath was camouflaged in the corner of the stage delivering the epic beats that Crystal Castles’ fans know and love. However, the performance left a lot to be desired.

Edith Frances joined Crystal Castles in 2015 to replace the group’s former vocalist. Alice Glass, who once performed sick and vomiting between verses, was known for her confrontational and volatile shows. Many would say Glass held a fundamental role in creating Crystal Castles’ wild and unique reputation.

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REVIEW: Nick Murphy @ 9:30 Club

BY: BRIAN SEUCH // Nick Murphy played the 9:30 club in Washington DC Monday night (9/11) to an enthusiastic crowd who didn’t quite know what they were in for. The openers set the stage for the show with slow music that had the young tattooed audience happily swaying to the rhythm. Openers such as Charlotte Cardin were reminiscent of Chet Fakers earlier atmospheric music which displayed a quiet balance between electronic production and some rock influences. It was a great way to transition into Nick Murphy with the crowds excitement and energy slowly building throughout the sets.

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