REVIEW: Stars at 930 Club

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BY SARAH SOPHER// What a special band and concert! Stars brought me all the feels at their show tonight. Honestly, just hearing Torquil and Amy singing together gets me emotional. The concert began with tracks from their latest album, “No One Falls In Love In Fluorescent Light,” and then, the Canadian band continued their almost 2-hour set with tracks from so many of their different albums. My favorite part of the show was hearing both of the singers describe their experiences at the 930 Club and in Washington, DC.  Torquil gave the audience something to be proud of when he told us, “If society treated artists the way the 930 Club treats artists, we would have a better society in my opinion.” Amy continued, “I have a one-year-old son and he’s already been to the 930 Club twice! So.. We are lucky.” Stars noted that this tour is unique in that there have been multiple children in the audience at recent shows. It feels nice to know that artists are treated right at our local venue.

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REVIEW: BlackGummy @ SoundCheck

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BY SARAH SOPHER // This weekend I returned to one of my favorite DC venues to see BlackGummy. The Mau5trap artist was in town to showcase his first national headlining tour, the Mesophase Tour. Bringing out fans from the vast DMV area, BlackGummy knew how to raise the crowd’s energy and get us on our toes.


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REVIEW: Lights @ 930 Club

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BY SARAH SOPHER // Lights was peaking at her latest 930 club performance. On top of the world after publishing her multi-platform project, Skin & Earth, Lights showed DC her strong passion for the story she wrote. Skin & Earth is a comic series that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, and an album with songs from the perspective of the comic’s main character, Enaia. It has only been a few months since the release of Skin & Earth, and it was fascinating to hear the 930 Club audience being able to sing along to many of her latest songs. Lights shared with us that, to her, S&E is about confronting your inner demon and allowing your challenges to make you stronger.

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REVIEW Ganja White Night @ 930 Club

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BY SYDNEY SPENCER// Ganja White Night did D.C. a service on February 18th by showcasing their talent at the 930 Club. This show featured loads of strengths and did justice for GWN’s new album The Origins. The group did not shy away from a dramatic opening, blasting the new album’s first track (and probably its most intense), The Origins. The Belgian duo remained loyal to its fan base by playing a wide range of old hits, such as Flava and Mr. Nice. In addition, it was obvious that the group was determined to unleash the intense beats featured in many of the new tracks. They played a bass-heavy version of almost their entire new album.

Ganja White Night at 930 Club, photo by Sarah Sopher
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REVIEW: Steve Aoki @ Echo Stage

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BY SARAH SOPHER// Steve Aoki graced the District of Columbia this past Saturday with his endless and completely infectious energy on the first stop of the Kolony North American tour. 

My favorite concerts are always the ones where the artist interacts with their fans, and that is exactly what Steve did during his entire set. He began the 2-hour performance at the front of the stage, approaching and welcoming the crowd with HEAVY bass and giving fist bumps to some lucky rail-riders. The audience remained completely enthralled with his performance the entire time, as Aoki played new and familiar tunes. This show was extra special because DC got to be the first ever live audience to experience the newest Aoki + Carnage Collaboration.

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