REVIEW J Roddy Walston @ 9:30

BY ANNA LAROCCO MASI// J Roddy Walston and The Business kept the energy levels high the entire night of their February eighth performance. Each person in the room was captivated by the sounds of the beaten piano, the epic guitar and bass riffs, and the drummer’s perfect pace.

J Roddy and The Business’s latest release, Destroyers of a the Soft Light,  lives up to what critics are saying and their 9:30 Club performance matched the raw energy and out-of-studio feel the album was going for. Walston and The Business recorded the album out of an old abandoned warehouse, yet the tracks are filled with liveliness.

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REVIEW Above and Beyond @ Echostage

BY SARAH SOPHER & SYDNEY SPENCER// Following a train led by the notorious Echostage security to the front of the 5000-person, sold-out crowd, we finally found the perfect spot to watch Tony and Jono light up the room. The vibes in the venue paralleled the night’s theme, Common Ground; also the name of Above and Beyond’s newest album. We couldn’t help but feel a part of the Anjuna family, sharing the night with long-time Above and Beyond fans of all adult ages who were linked arm-in-arm singing and swaying to the uplifting trance beats.

Above and Beyond’s veteran status in the EDM world was obvious. They had a precise feel for what the crowd needed, opening with a calm mix of beats, eventually elevating the pace, and finishing their 2-hour set with the audience’s favorite songs. They kept the crowd on their toes, giving us a chance to chill out and enjoy the spiritual lyrics before the drop got us dancing and jumping all over again. Playing many new singles from Common Ground, Above and Beyond stayed true to their fans by also bringing us their classics such as “Sun and Moon”, and my all-time favorite song of theirs, “A Thing Called Love.”

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REVIEW Priests @ 9:30 Club

BY KELSIE EHALT// Priests’ concert at the 9:30 Club began with two disparate but interesting performances. The first opener, Black Myths, was a drum and bass duo, and each member was individually talented, although I did not think that they went together very well. There were a couple moments where they got into a groove, but it would then dissolve back into a cacophony of jazzy drum and bass altered with loop and octave pedals.

When we first arrived at the venue, a young girl, around 14 or 15 years old, came up to us as asked which band we were there to see. When I replied Priests she told us that she was a student of one of the opening acts and would be performing with her during the set. She was also selling raffle tickets to raise money for Casa Rosa. The winner of the raffle would receive a woven piece of art that Mellow Diamond was to create live on stage. I had no idea what live weaving would entail, but I was certainly interested in the seemingly artsy act to follow.

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REVIEW Flying Lotus in 3D at Echostage

BY MORPHEUS// November 5th – a date notable only for the ‘Gunpowder Treason and Plot’ wherein the inventor of the Guy Fawkes mask tried to blow up English parliament 400 years ago. It also happened to be the tour date of Flying Lotus’ obligatory stop in the capital– but unfortunately, there was no plot to blow up the venue. The only target of combustion was the audience’s eardrums, though I regret to say that all attempts at delivering smooth vibes and melodic violence fell on deaf ears so-to-speak.  

This big name concert began like any other big name concert: in a headliner-catching venue with high ceilings and at least four staffed bars. The bathrooms were quite nice. They were well staffed with restroom attendants offering paper towels to freshly relieved show goers. Apart from the sounds of Capitol Hill Yupps getting dusted in the stalls, it was a shining star of class inside the well disguised cardboard box that Washingtonians affectionately call E C H O S T A G E [styled ec4ostag3]. The place fills a niche and I have no complaints whatsoever about what Echostage is, does and represents. The only sign of objective depravity I found in the whole place was their barbaric “No Ins and Outs” policy.

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