Daddy’s Beemer at DC9, 11/05


Brady, Wesley, Dan, and Payton of Daddy’s Beemer spent the strictest days of lockdown in a cabin in rural South Carolina recording their newest album Denmark. Tracks on the album range from the dreamy, backyard beats of “Amethyst” to the plucky chords of “Dancer” to everything in between. Denmark has melodies that you’ll be singing around the house no matter what mood you’re in, and it will quickly become the underground album that you pass along to all your friends. Daddy’s Beemer hits a special spot in your soul that resounds with casual, breezy, love filled friendship that could only be achieved through the obvious bond the members share.

The band was born out of a dual necessity for both performers in their college’s basement shows and finishing requirements for audio engineering classes, and they have since become one of the most successful young bands to come out of the Southeast in recent years. Since graduating from Clemson University, where the band was a staple in the DIY scene, the Beem Boys have been spending their time polishing their sound and creating fleshed out tracks that have solidified the shoegaze ambiance of their music. Now that they’ve departed from their beloved Clemson house venue, you’re lucky enough to be able to see them all the way up and down the east coast!

You were able to see them on Friday 11/05 at DC9 for the criminally low price of $12! But, if you didn’t make it because of some dire circumstances, then you can bop around to their tracks at home, which you can find on Spotify, Youtube, or Apple Music.

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