Interview with Downtown Boys

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Photo Credit: Michael Andrade


WRGW’s Pat Geiger was joined by Victoria Ruiz and Joey La Neve DeFrancesco from Downtown Boys for a phone interview in anticipation of their upcoming show at the Black Cat. A transcription of the interview is below. The full audio from the interview can be found here.

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Q&A: Jake Orrall, JEFF The Brotherhood

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JEFF The Brotherhood, a psychedelic rock duo based out of Nashville, has released so many albums in past decade-and-a-half that it is hard to keep count. The band, made up of brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall, also run a record label together called Infinity Cat Recordings, signing friends like Daddy Issues and Diarrhea Planet.


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Q&A: Chris Cowburn, The Smith Street Band

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smith street band photo1

Photo courtesy of Remedy

The Smith Street Band, an Australian group from the rich music scene of Melbourne, has worked their way up through years of building an international network of fellow musician friends and gaining recognition in Australia and abroad. After putting out their first LP five years ago, frontman Wil Wagner and the group became a full-time touring band and has not looked back since.

This week, the band started a month-long North American tour with some good friends and a few bands they have never met before. Hard Girls, an American band out of San Jose, will be with them the whole way through as additional acts join up along their travels. The Smith Street Band’s drummer, Chris Cowburn, took some time before the tour to talk about the band’s experience and influences, as well as what they hope to bring with them to the DC9 show on March 31.

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WRGW interviews Circa Waves

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After taking the UK and European festival scene by storm, Liverpudlian band Circa Waves keeps gaining momentum with more international festival bookings and plenty of hype off their first album, Young Chasers. Shortly after their arrival in DC, we sat down with Kieran Shudall (lead vocals, guitar) and Joe Falconer (lead guitar) before the band opened for Foals in December 16th at the Lincoln Theatre to discuss their whirlwind year in review and their short- and long-term plans for the future.

CA: Ok, so this is our first interview..let’s just start with some musical history background.  What was your first album purchased?

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Interview with Hippo Campus @ Black Cat 11/11/2015

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On  November 11th the members of Hippo Campus scooted into a back room of the Black Cat for an interview before their show. They are a new indie-rock band out of St. Paul Minnesota, in the midst of their South EP Tour. With black X’s on their hands, the band is composed of Jake Luppen, lead vocalist and guitarist, Nathan Stocker on lead guitar, Zach Sutton on bass, and Whistler Allen on drums. The band members attended a Performing Arts High School in the twin cities, where they found their love of music and founded their up and coming band. Since then, they’ve released two EPs: The first -“Bashful Creatures”- came out in February of this year, and the second, called “South”, followed in October. After the sound check, a few brief introductions and a side conversation about scooters and glasses frames the conversation got going.

Michael: Was there a point where you guys knew that you were done with the album or was it just like “we’re going to work on this forever if we don’t put it out”?

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