PREVIEW Hippie Sabotage @ 9:30 Club, 3/04

BY SAHRA MAXWELL// The musical duo, Hippie Sabotage will be playing the 9:30 Club this Sunday night!

Hippie Sabotage was started by two brothers, Kevin and Jeff Sauver, who started their musical journey in Whittier, California. They are signed to the label iHipHop, an independent label located in Los Angeles, California, who represents Hip Hop and EDM musicians. The DJ group focus EDM and they have taken the music industry by storm with their distinctive sound.

The brothers started meddling with hip hop instrumentals and from there made a mix of music that truly embodied their California vibes. The duo have been making music and experimenting with the EDM genre since the age of twelve. They are now one of the most popular EDM groups in the industry. working with huge names like Tove Lo and getting a large group of their following from Ellie Goulding, who has supported them on social media.

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PREVIEW: CloZee at U Street Music Hall

BY SYDNEY SPENCER\\ CloZee, also known as Chloè Herry, is an increasingly standout artist and producer of the bass community. Originally from Toulouse, France, CloZee’s multi-faceted music offers an array of ethnic and organic influences combined with electronic sounds. Describing her style as “World Bass”, CloZee draws inspiration from cultural sounds as well as art forms far afield from music, for example from paintings, the weather, or a dream. In short terms, her sound is calm and entrancing. In her tracks titled Koto and Apsara Calling, CloZee takes listeners on a journey across the globe from Japan to the Middle East. Other enticing tracks such as Harmony, blend these ethnic sounds into a strong yet peaceful mix.

CloZee began her musical journey at the age 11 when she learned to play the classical guitar. She progressed her musical talents through producing electronic music at the age of 16 and then going on to study Sound Engineering at her local university. Having released over three albums and performed at music festivals across Europe and North America, CloZee has become an esteemed EDM artist with something special to offer.

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REVIEW: Ganja White Night @ 930 Club

BY SYDNEY SPENCER// Ganja White Night did D.C. a service on February 18th by showcasing their talent at the 930 Club. This show featured loads of strengths and did justice for GWN’s new album The Origins. The group did not shy away from a dramatic opening, blasting the new album’s first track (and probably its most intense), The Origins. The Belgian duo remained loyal to its fan base by playing a wide range of old hits, such as Flava and Mr. Nice. In addition, it was obvious that the group was determined to unleash the intense beats featured in many of the new tracks. They played a bass-heavy version of almost their entire new album.

Ganja White Night at 930 Club, photo by Sarah Sopher
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PREVIEW STRFKR @ 9:30 Club, 2/17

BY VICTORIA MIDDLETON// The Portland, Oregon based indie-pop band STRFKR is playing the 9:30 Club this Saturday, February 17.

STRFKR began in 2007 as a solo project for Joshua Hodges, but has since been rounded out with bassist Shawn Glassford, drummer Keil Corcoran, and guitarist Patrick Morris. The band’s ~edgy~ moniker stems from a person joke of Hodges, who is vocally critical of the status-hungry nature of stardom.

“I was around all these people who were kind of douchey, the kind of people I would never hang out with, and one of them bragged about being a ‘starfucker.’ I thought, ‘Who are these people? What is this world?’,” says Hodges. “That’s why I chose the name: because it represented all I didn’t want to be a part of, all I didn’t want to do.”

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