Grouplove & Portugal. The Man @ Merriweather Post Pavillion


Photo Credit: Press Line Photos
Photo Credit: Press Line Photos


The music industry has always been characterized by its community. Artists, record labels, and even fans are always coming together sharing ideas, songs and experiences. Perhaps was there no place where this community was on fuller display than on this year’s Honda Civic Tour featuring Grouplove and Portugal. The Man.  As Hannah Hooper (AKA Lady Grouplove) put it during the tour’s September 12th stop at the historic Merriweather Post Pavillion, “All of us here on the stage are a bunch of best f**** friends just doing what we love to do.” Continue reading “Grouplove & Portugal. The Man @ Merriweather Post Pavillion”

Typhoon @ the 9:30 Club

Typhoon at the 9:30 Club
Photo Credit: Jordan Grobe, Typhoon at the 9:30 Club
For those of you familiar with my show, you know that I love Typhoon. The band, which consists of eleven members, is led by Kyle Morton, who provides lead vocals and guitar with support from two violins, two trumpets, two drums, another guitar, a bass guitar, horns, and separate percussionist-ukulele player, all of whom sing backup. Their elaborate sound is so brilliantly layered and finely tuned that it isn’t just a wall of notes, but rather a beautifully crafted melody more complex than our ears have generally grown accustomed to.

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Home Grown: Typhoon

With the release of his first mixtape, The Lonely Traveler rapper Typhoon, AKA Tyler Fearn, has burst onto the scene. A GW student from Dayton, Ohio, Typhoon uses his past experiences and advice given to create a multi-faceted musical experience. He even highlights this wide appeal in his song “Dreamers,” in which he mentions how he raps for everyone, not just others like him. And, in an essence, he raps for GW students as a whole.

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