HOLYCHILD at the Rock & Roll Hotel: An Interview and Concert Review

photo credit: Jancarlo Beck
Photo credit: Jancarlo Beck

HOLYCHILD is a LA-based pop duo comprised of two GW grads, Liz Nistico and Louie Diller (#raisehigh, right?). With Billboard branding them as “your next indie-pop obsession,” I was excited to catch them at the Rock & Roll Hotel. On Saturday, they brought their infectious jams to the stage and played an electrifying set. Having seen the group at the Velvet Lounge about a year prior, I was ready to see what new surprises the band would bring. Before their set, I also had the chance to sit down and chat with them about their GW origins, their whirlwind year, and donuts, because who doesn’t like donuts?

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Death Vessel @ Rock and Roll Hotel

photo credit: Sub Pop
Photo credit: Sub Pop

Joel Thibodeau–better known by the moniker Death Vessel–took the stage at Rock and Roll Hotel on Friday for the third night of his tour with Jesca Hoop and Shearwater. While these three artists could be loosely and lazily looped together into the indie-folk genre, each represents music’s genre-bending diversity. They are prime examples of artists with a very unique sound, Death Vessel being the most extreme of the three.

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Concert Review: ON AN ON & Savoir Adore

I made my way to the Rock and Roll Hotel last Thursday to see Savoir Adore and ON AN ON perform. After a harrowing taxi ride that felled a bicyclist in rush hour traffic, I didn’t exactly feel up for the promise of a mellow and ethereal indie pop concert, but both bands brought out a raw energy that was simply infectious. With their genre-transcending music and personable stage presences, Savoir Adore and ON AN ON gave truly intimate performances at the venue.

Savoir Adore opened the concert, walking onto the stage in all white outfits. As the lights switched and they were swathed in a soft blue glow, the all white outfits made much more sense. Following in the line of their fantasy-like music, the changing colored lights clouded them in a haze that lent itself to the mood of their set. Starting off with “Garden”, Savoir Adore immediately captured the attention of the people milling around the entrance of the venue, drawing people closer to the stage. Although the sound balance at the beginning made the drums sound almost painfully harsh, as the venue filled up and there was less empty space, the drum reverberated less. As they segued into “Loveliest Creature,” the mellow ambiance gave way to a much more upbeat mood that was followed by their live rendition of a new unreleased track to appear on their upcoming rerelease of Our Nature. The crowd response was overwhelmingly positive to the new music and created an infectious good feeling with people finally starting to let loose and dance. Even in the face of technical difficulties before “Sea of Gold,” Paul and Deidre joked about it and brushed the complication aside. Savoir Adore’s “Bodies” really stood out in their set, showcasing Deidre’s full and breathy singing voice which juxtaposed nicely against Paul’s. Ending with their single “Dreamers”, they left the stage to a great response from the crowd, with people echoing positive sentiments about the band.

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