PREVIEW: Waxahatchee @ 9:30 Club


On Sunday, April 15th, 2018 I will be seeing my favorite artist in D.C. for the second time. Even with graduation around the corner, nothing else could make me more excited.  

Indie solo project, Waxahatchee, has humble beginnings in young Katie Crutchfield’s hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. In 2010, Katie recorded her first album, American Weekend, in her bedroom of her parent’s house. Its cassette-recorded tracks are laced with the intimacy of the young artist’s personal accounts of recklessness, finding love and losing it. With her honest lyrics and candid acoustic guitar, it’s hard not to feel connected to Katie in someway. The album was quickly discovered and praised by the indie community, its track “Be Good” was listed on NPR’s song of the day playlist and rated as one of the station’s top 50 songs in 2012.

In 2013, Katie released Waxahatchee’s second album – Cerulean Salt. The album (my personal favorite) is less melancholy and more reflective, focusing more on Katie’s experience growing up including insight into her relationship with her twin sister and moving across the country to New York City. I highly recommend checking out “Brother Bryan” or “Dixie Cups and Jars”.

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Shows We’re Stoked For: TONIGHT! Drunk Tigers, Railsplitter, Sunset Guns & Collapser at The Velvet Lounge

DC and punk go together like punk and lighting things of fire. Here in the nation’s capital we’re fortunate to have an abundance of local punk bands that are tearing up the scene and now you have an opportunity to go to a show!

Tonight, these four local groups are going to be playing at The Velvet Lounge on U Street as a part of their “February’s Eve Gala.” Drunk Tigers are a garage rock band who are promised to be “loaded and ferocious.” Railsplitter are a melodic punk group and if that name and description doesn’t already interest you, you need help. Sunset Guns are the foreigners of the bunch and they are an indie-punk group from Brooklyn and Collapser are another local punk group who claim Adventure Time, pizza and whiskey as their influences.

Come and support local (and one not local) groups. This is a 21+ concert. Entrance fee is $8 and doors open at 9 PM. Join the Facebook event so you don’t forget.

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Interview Alert: LA punks FIDLAR, Tonight 6:30pm EST

You may have heard… WRGW has the honor of interviewing LA punk band FIDLAR TONIGHT at 6:30pm EST.

To preview a new semester of fantastic programming, Tori Kerr, AKA DJTK, will speak to the band live.

FIDLAR is currently on tour, supporting the Pixies. If you’re in the DMV, you can see them on January 26th at the Music Center in Bethesda, MD. They recently released a brand-spankin-new single, “Awkward.”

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Shows We're Stoked For: Soundtrack to Sleep & More at the Tree House Lounge

So. You like Brand New. You like Paul Baribeau. You’re a fan of anxiety-ridden, hypodepressive punk-ish music. There’s nothing like a thrashing acoustic guitar to get you crankin’ on a Friday night. You’re torn between crying and moshing all the time.

Great! Welcome to Soundtrack to Sleep.
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Shows We're Stoked for: Hunters at Comet Ping Pong, Nov. 3

“Hunt” is synonymous with indie hype these days. We know. But Hunters, a Brooklyn-based garage-punk band, are worth it. Duo Derek Watson and Isabel Almeida are known for wild live shows where it’s hard to tell where the guitars end and the audience begins.

In a city like DC, good punk shouldn’t go unnoticed. They released a self-titled debut album on October 1st, via Mom + Pop Records, which you can stream here.

Hunters will be at Comet Ping Pong with Big Hush and Baby Bry Bry on November 3rd. The show is all-ages and $10

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