Shows We're Stoked For: Soundtrack to Sleep & More at the Tree House Lounge

So. You like Brand New. You like Paul Baribeau. You’re a fan of anxiety-ridden, hypodepressive punk-ish music. There’s nothing like a thrashing acoustic guitar to get you crankin’ on a Friday night. You’re torn between crying and moshing all the time.

Great! Welcome to Soundtrack to Sleep.

We’ve got a show for you. Soundtrack to Sleep, headed by GWU junior CJ Ballesteros, are opening a night of local music at the Tree House Lounge on H St NE this Friday, November 22nd. They’re on at 7:00pm. It’s an all-ages deal, so college kids are so very welcome. And yeah, it’s Metro accessible, so stop being lazy and get out of NW. Moreover, the lineup for the night features a number of other local acts not of the emo-punk genre. Among them is GW hip-hop artist (and WRGW Open-Mic Night favorite) Eshovo!

Here‘s the schedule for the evening.

And here‘s the Facebook event page.

And here’s ┬áthe new STS┬ásplit with Virginia Beach kid (much love from the author) Karen Estrella:

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=304977301 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 notracklist=true]

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