Shows We're Stoked For: Soundtrack to Sleep & More at the Tree House Lounge

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So. You like Brand New. You like Paul Baribeau. You’re a fan of anxiety-ridden, hypodepressive punk-ish music. There’s nothing like a thrashing acoustic guitar to get you crankin’ on a Friday night. You’re torn between crying and moshing all the time.

Great! Welcome to Soundtrack to Sleep.

We’ve got a show for you. Soundtrack to Sleep, headed by GWU junior CJ Ballesteros, are opening a night of local music at the Tree House Lounge on H St NE this Friday, November 22nd. They’re on at 7:00pm. It’s an all-ages deal, so college kids are so very welcome. And yeah, it’s Metro accessible, so stop being lazy and get out of NW. Moreover, the lineup for the night features a number of other local acts not of the emo-punk genre. Among them is GW hip-hop artist (and WRGW Open-Mic Night favorite) Eshovo!

Here‘s the schedule for the evening.

And here‘s the Facebook event page.

And here’s  the new STS split with Virginia Beach kid (much love from the author) Karen Estrella:

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