BonnaReview: The Good, The Bad, and the Honorably Mentioned

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Photo Credit: Jordan Farley



It started with a full moon–a television hummed a strip of colorful lines across the screen. He walked onto the stage, his hair a flurried mess, his pants neatly pressed, suspenders suspending and shirt hanging on him the way E.L. James would describe. Jack White stole Bonnaroo. For me, at least, he was the biggest surprise of the entire festival. Yeah, Jack White, he’s a talented dude. Sure, I’d heard of The White Stripes and The Raconteurs, heard “Seven Nation Army”, but never did I expect a show like that. He began with “High Ball Stepper”, making it known that this was going to be a guitar heavy rock concert. The stage was lit blue, but besides that, there were no distracting graphics or blinding lights like other headliners (eh, Kanye). If you’ve never seen Jack White, he looks like Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands, minus the hardware of course. There’s a very genuine demeanor to his stage presence. He makes it known that he is there solely to entertain, to please and excite the crowd. He’d ask the crowd if we wanted him to keep playing, which, of course, we did. In between songs, he would thank the crowd, he would thank young musicians, and tell stories about his family and children. He was a very humbled performer which made him even more exciting to watch. And then there’s the music itself. My gosh, never have I ever heard a guitar played with such conviction. And he was backed by a pedal steel guitar and a theremin. Yes, a freaking theremin, because Jack White is that cool. Highlights included his performance of “Steady As She Goes” and his 10-minute, amazing, scream-sing worthy rendition of “Seven Nation Army”.

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An Alternative Review: Governor's Ball ’14

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Interior of VIP tent by main stage. Credit: Helen Jiang
Interior of VIP tent by main stage. Credit: Helen Jiang

As a third time volunteer, Governor’s Ball Music Festival is what I look forward to–a good vibes extravaganza to mark the beginning of summer. Having frequented this festival in the past, I know that the rich art scene is not always covered in full. This recap serves to highlight the vibrant visual arts and gastronomical delights from this year’s festival for your reading pleasure.

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Disclosure at 9:30 Club

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Photo credit: Disclosure
Photo credit: Disclosure

With Disclosure’s sold-out concert, the 9:30 Club saw a new chapter in the ever unfolding saga of the British Invasion. Once four Liverpudlian lads and five chicks off the spice rack, the latest UK transplants to make waves this side of the pond are unarguably Disclosure, two Surrey brothers bringing the UK’s exciting homegrown breed of electronic garage beats into the American mainstream.

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Album Review: Disclosure – Settle

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UK brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence, also known as Disclosure, have just dropped their highly anticipated debut album, and right in time for summer. Settle is one hour of music that you will not be able to sit still and listen to. (I’m not joking. I could not stop dancing the first time I listened to it).  A bevy of talented artists, from Jessie Ware to AlunaGeorge to Ed MacFarlane of Friendly Fires lend their vocals to the pop-house / UK garage tracks that I’ve been waiting for ever since the album’s release was announced. Continue reading “Album Review: Disclosure – Settle”

Disclosure: A Concert Review in Pros and Cons

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Last Friday we had the pleasure of (finally) seeing Disclosure live. The UK duo, consisting of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, packed the house for a vibrant show of full of color and sound.

As much fun as we had, neither of us thought the show was without a few drawbacks. Our pros and cons are as follows:

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