An Interview with Reptar’s Graham Ulicny

Photo courtesy of David McClister

On Tuesday, the 13th I found myself at U Street Music Hall to see Reptar, with openers Breathers and Young Empires. Though the venue was only about half full, the audience- instead of simply head bobbing to the show- was broken into clusters of people full-out dancing with friends and strangers alike. Reptar was similarly amped up as they tore through their set  with songs from their new album Lurid Glow, as well as material from their 2012 release Body Faucet. Prior to the performance, I was able to sit down and talk with the band’s lead singer and guitarist, Grant Ulicny.

Hillary Dale: So, you and your band are from Athens, Georgia, and I’ve noticed a lot of unique bands are from there—like REM, the B-52s, Neutral Milk Hotel—and they all seem to have very unique sounds. What do you think it is about Athens that makes these unique bands?

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