Concert Review: Youth Lagoon at DC9 9/29

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The city lights of DC shifted between striations and blurs outside the foggy window, and my only wish was that the cab could drive even faster into the dizzying bustle of the U Street/Cardozo neighborhood on a Thursday night. I was half-wheezing with a sore throat, armed with cough drops, throat spray and the remnants of tea in my system. It was 9:15 pm, fifteen minutes after when the show was supposed to start, and my roommate Alex and I were scrambling to reach DC9, hoping we could even catch a fraction of Youth Lagoon‘s set as they opened for Gardens & Villa.

It was my first time back at the newly reopened DC9 in nearly a year, the last time seeing my home state favorites The Octopus Project last October. Everything was exactly as I remember it from before: grungy yet warm atmosphere, bustling downstairs bar, low lights, cramped stairwell, killer rooftop patio. We got to the staircase and the line to get into the show was almost overwhelming. Yet somehow, someway, the elements aligned themselves. We finally reached the upstairs to find ourselves in the front row right up against the stage, Youth Lagoon just then setting up for their show.

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WRGW District Radio- New Beginnings

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After an extended break for the summer, I’m happy to say that WRGW District Radio is back on air for the 2011-2012 year! With our music programming spanning from bluegrass and jam bands, to progressive hip hop, garage punk, house and electronic, 90s music and more, we’re all incredibly excited with what this year has in store.

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Psychedelic Sounds: Austin Psych Fest Recap

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Bradford Cox of Atlas Sound

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend Austin Psych Fest. The fourth annual psychedelic music and arts festival in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas was put on by The Black Angels (a psychedelic rock band also from ATX) and the Reverberation Appreciation Society. The weekend sonic extravaganza had a lineup spanning a wide range of celebrated psychedelic veterans (Roky Erickson of the prolific 13th Floor Elevators, Omar Rodriguez of The Mars Volta) and rising shoegaze, electronic and psychedelic newcomers (The Black Ryder, Dirty Beaches).

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So Many Concerts, So Little Time…

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You know, a typical Titus Andronicus show…

If you’re like me, you and your wallet may be overwhelmed with the number of astounding concerts happening this spring in DC. But with the amount of amazing rising talent coming to the district to perform live, how can you not go? I sat down with an extensive concert list, and asked myself, which shows are worth going to?

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Braids: Less Show, More Experience

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Last Friday, I was fortunate enough to have the chance to see Baths and Braids’ sold-out performance at DC’s Rock and Roll Hotel. Both myself and DJ Drew Bandos (aka Banda Bear) both agreed that it was one of the more phenomenal concert experiences we’ve had in a while.

Having never been to DC’s Rock and Roll Hotel, I was surprised at first. The room was about as large as the grungy basements where our bands in high school were first born, except with a full bar to the left and a stage about a foot off of the ground. The purple and pink pastel lights oozed nostalgia, faint and hazy, as though the room were a lucid dream. But all it took was the jolting, melodic cry of Braids’ vocalist, Raphaelle, to bring me back to reality.

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