Young Summer at U Street Music Hall, Feb. 20th

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Credit: Rachel Couch
Credit: Rachel Couch

On the day a century-old record was smashed for coldest day at 5F in Washington, D.C., I thought everyone would be bundled up and avoiding social interactions that could risk any heat loss. So imagine my surprise when I finally made it to U Street Music Hall, saw the nonexistent line outside, and then went downstairs to, hello, a well-filled room, which set the precedent for the hometown show of all three groups.

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DMV Local flavor: RDGLDGRN and Redline Graffiti @ 9:30

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I went to the 9:30 club Thursday night, but it felt like I went to a block party. The concert featured RDGLDGRN (pronounced red gold green) with opener and fellow DMV native Redline Graffiti. The best part about the night? The devotion DC fans showed for their local music culture. In a time when DC’ fast-growing urban art scene is emerging from underground to popular venues like the 9:30, RDGLDGRN’s performance demonstrates how much a strong fan base matters.

Redline Graffiti opened up the night with smooth electronic beats and easy-listening vocals. The Indie upstart has a flow familiar to The Internet’s modern R&B feels, and a name referencing a DC landmark only locals will known love. The breezy and memorable tunes such as Junior June and Cuddlebug made the four piece act a perfect opener for a night of DC flavor.

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Interview Alert: Me & This Army, Friday @ 6:45pm

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Photo credit: the band
Photo Credit: Band

In true WRGW fashion, DJ Maddy Wolpow-Gindi will be interviewing local up-and-comers Me & This Army on Friday at 6:45pm. The band is one of a dozen artists from the DMV area performing at BYT’s DC Emerging Artists Super Sampler at the Howard Theatre on Saturday. Tickets are available here.

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Album Review: Wale – The Gifted

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In Washington D.C., there are two main types of music people support: the popular local music genre known as “go-go” and almost anything Wale releases. Upon the announcement of his new album in mid-March, anticipation started to buzz throughout the city. His main single from the album, “Bad,” which features fellow Washingtonian Tiara Thomas, seemed to gain traction not only locally, but nationally as well. The winding beat, smooth chorus and the creaking bed background could be heard through car speakers around the country, something that could not necessarily be said even a year ago. Although he gained early support from the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia), both rap fans and fellow artists were extremely critical of Wale. From the infamous Kid Cudi-Wale feud to his early parting with Interscope Records, Wale has faced adversity throughout his career, which helped shape and create his third album, The Gifted. Continue reading “Album Review: Wale – The Gifted”

An Interview with Song Preservation Society

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The day it became uncool to arrive at a show on time was the day the world took a tailspin. The headlining band might carry the most weight, but that doesn’t mean that opening acts are any less worthy of concertgoers’ time. In fact, sometimes the supporting artists are so remarkable that you’re left with their performance swirling around in your thoughts even when the headliners take the stage. Such was the case at Iota Club and Café in Arlington, VA this weekend. The Blank Tapes, a California garage-pop band with groovy ‘60s sensibilities, topped the bill, supported by folk trio Song Preservation Society and surf-rock band Beach Day.

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