Home Grown: A Q&A with Max Rewak


“Hi, I’m Max Rewak.  I was born in Bethlehem, PA, and I’m graduating from GW in May.  I’m a lover of music and I try to surround myself with positivity.  I was raised on all different kinds of music and I began producing about five years ago.  I like a wide range of tunes but I mostly play Baltimore and Jersey club music.  Check me out at soundcloud.com/rewakdj or twitter @mrewak.”

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Home Grown: A Q&A with holychild

Home Grown is WRGW’s new blog series on GWU-affiliated musicians. This week we feature holychild, an experimental pop band formed by GWU alumni Louie Diller and Liz Nistico.


If there is a middle ground between Katy Perry and Bjork (or pop and experimental) in contemporary popular music, holychild is it. Based out of Los Angeles, CA, holychild’s most recent music video ‘Best Friends’ was premiered by MTV Buzzworthy who said it will be, “the song of the summer.” Shot in a time-warped wasteland called Bombay Beach, dancing girls, kids on bikes, and locals on ATV’s characterize the gist of this action-packed perspective on a part of Southern California most folks probably haven’t seen before.

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Is and Of The- Signing/Album Release

Is and Of The’s Drew Bandos

WRGW is incredibly proud to announce that our very own Drew Bandos (aka DJ Banda Bear, my co-host on Sit Back and Dream, on Fridays 2-4 pm EST) has been signed to Mush Records for his project Is and Of The! Drew’s debut album, Heads Phased for Dreamless Sleep, was recorded in dorm rooms and basements in DC and Philly, along with the collaboration of friends. It spans an expansive range of genres, including elements of shoegaze, psychedelic, electronic and post-rock, but maintains a unified and beautiful ambient feel.

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