Cherub @ 9:30 Club

Courtesy of Cherub

Image Courtesy of Cherub

I was first introduced to electronic pop duo Cherub on accident when, along with some friends, I stumbled onto their set at a music festival. I was instantly hooked by their funky guitar riffs and falsetto vocals. Fast forward two years later, the duo has released two EPs and an LP, all having that distinct Cherub feel, focusing around themes of drug use, sex, and living in the moment. This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing them for the second time, this time at 9:30, and once again it was a great show.

Opening for them on their “Champagne Showers Tour”, was Gibbz, a producer and vocalist based out of Brooklyn, followed by electronic pop duo Ghost Beach. The highlight of Gibbz set was his last song, Tilt Mode, which was produced by the electronic super group Exmag (which includes Gramatik an Illumntr), and features his smooth vocals which the crowd, albeit small this early in the night, absolutely loved. Ghost Beach didn’t disappoint either putting on a good show, showcasing their array of pop-tracks with an 80’s vibe.

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