Jake Bugg @ Lincoln Theater

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Jake Bugg returned to D.C for a stellar ending to his world Tour. The tour follows the release of his latest album, “On My One”. Jake Bugg blends a mixture of folk, rock, pop, and a heavy dose of good vibes, to create an incredibly fun listening experience. The place that was the end to such a wide ranging tour was the Lincoln Theatre, and a better venue could not have been chosen. The venue itself has the feel of an old school theatre with red carpets, seats, and a wooden stage. All these elements go towards creating a distinct  and memorable set for any performing artists.  I entered the Lincoln theatre to the sound of loud, rambunctious chatter that came from a diverse and varied crowd. Families mingled with hipsters, who chatted happily with drunken college students. I knew immediately that the crowd was the perfect mixture for a good time. And homies, what a time it was.

As I took my seat for the start of the show, Jake Bugg walked on stage and, standing alone, launched into an acoustic set. Jake Buggs Nottingham accent was noticeable, as his voice rose over the now silent crowd. The crowd itself sat still while the soft vibrations and strumming of the guitar quivered in the air. As each song ended the there was raucous applause and whistles. It wasn’t until the sixth song that Jake introduced himself to the crowd. He thanked everyone for being there, and mentioned that this was his last show of the tour. I sensed an understandable exhaustion in the tone of his voice, as touring his a mentally and physically draining enterprise.

Without a visible queue, a drummer, bassist, and fellow guitarist joined Jake Bugg on the stage and launched into the rock driven song, “Simple Pleasures” which caused the crowd to jump out of their seats and begin to jump, clap, and show the enthusiasm I had expected. Jake Bugg played a mixture songs from his new and old albums and it was incredibly interesting to listen to how his music has progressed in terms of sound and style over time. The show ended on the song, “On My One” and the applause was deafening. I would like to thank Jake Bugg for an incredible show and look forward to seeing him on his next tour.

-Dakota Morrow

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