PREVIEW: CLASSIXX and Neon Indian @ 9:30 Club

This Friday, October 7, CLASSIXX and Neon Indian will bring their audio-visual pop project to the post-modern bohemians of DC’s 9:30 Club. Their combination of groundbreaking chillwave, electropop, and indie sounds creates a fluid vibe that, when mixed with their visuals, submerges their audience into a stream of color and harmony.

When you’re into electro-funk, CLASSIXX sets the perfect mood for the evening. With Italian house, disco and funk influences, Classixx has created their own new and original sound. A DJ duo composed of Michael David and Tyler Blake, each musician in the project has held roles as both producers and now as songwriters. They began their careers at wild parties premiering spontaneous dance music, and releasing remixes of indie rock songs. As their talent grew, the duo now produces and writes more original tracks. Their latest album, “Faraway Reach”, is filled with pioneering, refreshing, tropical songs. Every song on the album is unique, with collaborations from all kinds of artists. CLASSIXX crosses boundaries with tracks featuring Michael Angelakos from Passion Pit and even T-Pain.

The team has outgrown the remix game and they’re ready to show off their new art. Optimistic and uplifting tones found on each track will make any music-lover feel smiley and cheerful. Accompanied by bands such as Holy Ghost! and Phantoms, CLASSIXX has set off on a 36-city tour, spreading their jams across the United States and Canada. I Feel Numb is my favorite song on their new album and I encourage you all to give it a listen below.

Get stoked for the next stop of the Classixx tour at the 9:30 club in this nation’s capital, Washington DC.

-Sarah Sopher

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