Motion City Soundtrack Announce 10-year Anniversary Tour

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Courtesy of Motion City Soundtrack

Or, When the Moment You’ve Been Waiting for Since Puberty Lands on Your Computer Screen.

Here’s how it went down: it was the morning of November 10, 2014 and I was mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, taking half-ass notes instead of paying attention to my professor. When, in a shocking turn of events, my mundane Monday morning was transformed into THE GREATEST DAY EVER. Why is that you ask? For the first time (since my solo throwback dance party last Tuesday night, in my living room, with a bottle of sparkling peach wine) my 6th grade self was graced with the legitimate opportunity to resurface.

It was one of those beautiful, longed-for moments that happens as you’re scrolling through all the insignificant micro-happenings in the lives of your marginal friends when suddenly you spot a diamond in the rough: “Motion City Soundtrack Commit This to Memory 10 Year Anniversary Tour Announcement.

—eyes widen—breathes deeply—reminds self not to squeal while in class—contemplates if shouting this out to the world would tarnish indie cred—shares anyway—euphoria ensues—everything is alright—

“Calm down, Maddy” they said, “they peaked 10 years ago” they said. Well, to the non-believers, I say: this is what I dreamt of while thumbing through Hot Topic band tees searching for the one freaking size small they had in stock; it’s what I fantasized about as I routinely blasted Myspace playlists on my familial computer; it’s the answer to my adolescent prayers to the demi-gods of spiked hair and leather bracelets. They understood me; they wrote the ballads to the soundtrack of my life. I was there for them, they were there for me, and we were in this crazy thing called life together.

Friends, one of the greatest—and in my opinion, most underrated—pop-punk bands of the early 2000’s has just announced that they are commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the release of their best (read: my favorite) album with a tour in which they are going to PLAY THE ALBUM IN ITS ENTIRETY. If you’re interested in reliving the most cringe-worthy, embarrassing, and beloved years of your lives, go to this show. If you want to scream in unison the melodramatic lyrics and pop hooks that defined your (read: my) middle school years as tears stream down your (read: my) face, go to this show. Commit This to Memory, not unlike Justin Pierre’s hair, has stood the test of time. GO TO THIS SHOW. Hey, at least you won’t have braces this time.

Never forget your roots; Commit This to Memory

Tickets go on sale Friday 11/14 at 10am local time.

Find a tour date near you

**Bonus** Check out the opening bands for more pop-punk throwbacks

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