1/30: San Fermin and White Hinterland @ The Barns at Wolf Trap


San Fermin is an ensemble you have to see to believe. Resembling an orchestral starter-kit, the eight piece traveling band was supported by local string quartet Invoke at the Barns at Wolf Trap on Friday Night. From brass to drums, keyboard to xylophone, guitar to electric violin, the hodgepodge chamber-pop band filled the stage with elaborate arrangements driven by a multitude of instruments. Continue reading “1/30: San Fermin and White Hinterland @ The Barns at Wolf Trap”

Shows to Know: San Fermin @ the Barns at Wolf Trap – 1/30


If you cross the beltway for anything, make it for San Fermin at the Barns at Wolf Trap this Friday. Sure, it’s at the end of the orange line in Vienna, Virginia and maybe you have to take a second form of transportation to get from the metro to the theater, but this band is worth it. The brainchild of Ellis Ludwig-Leone, San Fermin is a 22-piece ensemble made up of classically trained musicians playing a mix of chamber pop and classical music. While their touring band is made up of a smaller core of musicians, there is no shortage of instruments nor bold instrumentalists on stage. Continue reading “Shows to Know: San Fermin @ the Barns at Wolf Trap – 1/30”

Don’t Miss: Record Store Day Black Friday

Photo credit: 989wclz.com
Photo credit: 989wclz.com

Are you stuck in the suburbs this holiday break? Are you already missing the hip happenin’ indie scene of your college town as Turkey Day slowly approaches? Have you, within two days, already exhausted all of the cool places in town to sip on coffee and blog? Well have I got news for you: Record Store Day Black Friday is upon us!

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Concert Review: Alvvays @ DC9

Image courtesy of Consequence of Sound
Image courtesy of Consequence of Sound

As far as I’m concerned, DC9 is a no frills zone. The performance space rests a floor above what looks like a small version of Cheers, with a stage that is little more than a raised platform, maybe eight inches off the ground. Needless to say, there is no backstage, no VIP area, and no room for divas. The bands wiggle through the crowd to get to the stage, pass concert-goers in the stairwell to go out for a smoke, and always man their own dining booth converted into merch table. Indeed, I have seen incredible shows here with lights that are always on point, a couple disco balls, and (apparently) a projector they seldom utilize. In my experience, bands typically make their performances here a reflection of the DC9 vibe – they’re happy to be there, but don’t often treat it like a big, impressionable show; Alvvays was the exception.

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Motion City Soundtrack Announce 10-year Anniversary Tour


Courtesy of Motion City Soundtrack

Or, When the Moment You’ve Been Waiting for Since Puberty Lands on Your Computer Screen.

Here’s how it went down: it was the morning of November 10, 2014 and I was mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, taking half-ass notes instead of paying attention to my professor. When, in a shocking turn of events, my mundane Monday morning was transformed into THE GREATEST DAY EVER. Why is that you ask? For the first time (since my solo throwback dance party last Tuesday night, in my living room, with a bottle of sparkling peach wine) my 6th grade self was graced with the legitimate opportunity to resurface.

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