The Districts, Vanillaroma, Francis of Delirium at 9:30, 4/13


April 13th at the 9:30 club is sure to be a great show and a crucial intersection point in the trajectories of a few fantastic indie acts. Pennsylvania folk rock group The Districts are supported by California alternative masterminds Vanillaroma and the apple of Luxembourg’s eye known as Francis of Delirium. This breadth of artists have talents that know no borders or respect no limits in their creativity. I am exhilarated by the possibilities which could erupt from this artistic convergence.

In the case of Francis of Delirium, I have had extensive experience listening to the development of these up-and-coming grunge-hued rockers, due in no small part to the fact that I once was an IB Music student alongside lead vocalist Jana Bahrich in Luxembourg, where we collaborated frequently on a variety of musical styles. Years later its clear the development of her sound has been an incredibly fruitful process, even leading to her receiving a grant from the Luxembourgish government. In her debut EP, Wading, there are clear 90’s and lo-fi rock influences and radically altering dynamics keeping listeners on their toes.

Vanillaroma was formed “from below Los Angeles and above San Diego”. These hip-and-happening musicians blend a concoction of pop, punk, indie and a twinge of rap in songs like CHECK YOUR OPTIMISM. This has been met with a substantial amount of acclaim, as countless comments underneath their works on YouTube scream out the question which remains the common denominator among fans of the band: how is this band so good? Time will tell what this band puts out in 2022, but expect some “top-tier” vibes from the group in this concert.

And now for The Districts. This band, formed in 2009 in a small town dead-center in Pennsylvania, has since surged into the indie consciousness faster than the real Heat Seeking Missiles. The Districts made number seven on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, but that’s just a piece of their puzzle of greatness- just look at their many accomplishments in the thirteen years of tenure. Not only did the band achieve peak virality early on from a recording of a live studio session, they’ve since put out THREE Extended Play releases and FIVE albums including 2022’s Great American Painting. On April 13th you’ll only catch a glimpse of the depth of their creativity.

This concert will be sure to send your mind to the stratosphere. Grab tickets for this exciting 9:30 Club show here.

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