PREVIEW: Oddisee & Good Company @ 9:30 Club

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JUSTIN GURRY // From a solo career that started with the release of “ Instrumental Mixtape Volume One”, Maryland native Oddisee is set to return home this Thursday, April 20th with a live show at the 9:30 Club. With the hip hop artist’s most recent release, “Iceberg” on February 24th, Oddisee’s third release in the last twelve months opens the door for a variety of tracks running down the song writer’s long career.

Oddisee has come a long way from his debut release, an album full of sampled beats and jazz lines mixed together with a vinyl era production aura polishing off the work. Oddisee has since collaborated with various artists and groups, already leaving behind a discography that rivals those who have been on the scene for twice the amount of time.

Oddisee’s work is mostly characterized by his lyrical style, driven by his life as a Sudanese-American muslim. His lyrics call for change and reform, often pointing out uncomfortable truths about his life or the lives of those around him. Another element to the artist’s work that has remained iconic is the soul and R&B fusion that has been a staple feature on each album. Blending hip hop with elements of jazz, funk, and soul has appeared to be a more recent craze, with successful releases from Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Drake and Future. However, Oddisee having integrated this fusion for most of his solo career, has been ahead of the curve for quite some time.

We are excited to see an artist with as much experience in the business as Oddisee coming back to the D.C. music scene, his “not-so-subtle” Tribe Called Quest-inspired lyric style is sure strike hard in the nation’s capital. A contribution from Good Company, who has been with Oddisee for the entire tour, is sure to liven the already highly anticipated show.

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