5/6: HOLYCHILD @ 930 Club

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When HOLYCHILD took the stage, the 930 club was almost filled, all in anticipation for Passion Pit, and clapped avidly when HOLYCHILD, led by vocalist Liz Nistico and producer and multi-instrumentalist Louie Diller, came on stage. The band’s instruments sported lots of flair and streamers and 3 members were sporting a Hawaiian shirt. Without a bassist or guitarist, HOLYCHILD indeed was different than most bands. 

Their sound, defined by them as ‘Brat Pop’, was an upbeat mix between catchy vocals and driving percussion over synthesizers and keyboards, that had many people in the audience dancing and cheering to the music as soon as the set started. There is no doubt that many had not experienced a band as interesting or different as HOLYCHILD in previous shows they’d been to. Nistico danced with absolute energy across the stage in harmony with her singing, never resting in one place too long. Multiple times, Nistico went into the crowd, singing from various locations of the 930 club, including the floor of the pit and on top of the bar.

The band as a whole delivered an incredibly energetic performance, full of life and youth, engaging with the audience relatively well. After giving an incredibly energizing opening set, HOLYCHILD bowed together before taking their leave of the stage, grinning from ear to ear. The young and lively band thrived at the 930 club, feeding off the energy of the crowd while generating its own as well. 

I had a chance to interview Louie and Liz after the show, you can listen here.