PREVIEW: Giorgio Moroder @ 9:30 Club 5/12

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ANOUR ESA // “My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everybody calls me Giorgio.” This is a line from Daft Punk’s 2013 track, Giorgio by Moroder, which has something to the order of 45 million hits on Spotify.

This was the first time I, a millennial had ever heard of Giorgio Moroder. I soon became enthralled with the story of this mysterious godfather of techno, and began listening to his music, old and new.

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PREVIEW: Tycho @ Echostage 5/7

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If you look at Tycho’s last three album covers, you might notice they appear to pair with one another, like a mini art series. Combined with the music on these albums, these three albums, Dive, Awake and Epoch melt seamlessly into one another, as if they were designed to.

That is in fact, precisely what was intended. Graphic Designer, Producer and now electronic music superstar Scott Hansen created these three albums as a musical trilogy of sorts, with Dive released in 2011, Awake in 2014, and Epoch in 2016.

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The Game of Thrones Live Experience @ Verizon Center

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Wednesday, March 1st. 7:59 pm. More than five thousand giddy Game of Thrones fans sit in the Verizon Center, eagerly awaiting the most epic showing of the HBO hit-series they will ever experience. One minute later, at 8 pm on the dot, hissing fog emanates from the center stage and through the thick of it, a tell-tale, chilling shape begins to emerge, welcomed by a thunder of cheering only five thousand fanatic Game of Thrones addicts could muster. It is the Iron Throne of Westeros. And with that, more than 65 musicians begin to play the now infamous main title. Thus commences the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience.

Photo by Anour Esa

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Marcel Khalife @ Lincoln Theatre

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Written by MOJIB GHAZNAWI and edited by ANOUR ESA

Marcel Khalife is one of the most prolific Arab singers, composers, and oud (Arab 10-stringed lute) performers. Given his legacy of social critique and a longing for peace, Marcel is often regarded as the Bob Dylan of the Arab world. Despite this comparison, the two singer-songwriter legends could not have had more different upbringings. While Bob Dylan debuted on the stages of his high school talent shows, Marcel Khalife’s first public performance was amid the rubble of bombed-out buildings in Beirut during Lebanon’s civil war.

On December 8th, hundreds from the DMV packed into the Lincoln Theatre to see the critically acclaimed Lebanese musician, Marcel Khalife perform alongside his two sons, Bachar and Rami Khalife. Just like Khalife’s music and lyrics (poems written by the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish), this concert was politically charged. Presented by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), the concert was framed as a chance for the “Arab community to take back their culture.” The performance was seen as a tool to fight discrimination, racism and intolerance, giving the Arab community a chance to define themselves rather than Hollywood or the media forcing that definition. This message is especially important for the world that we live in today, with’s word of the year being “xenophobia.”

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The Paper Kites @ U Street Music Hall

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This past Thursday, The Paper Kites, an indie-folk-rock quintet hailing from Melbourne, Australia, made their DC debut, performing at U Street Music Hall. The band is on their second North American tour of 2016, this time hitting many of the big cities on the east coast of the US and Canada. The band released their latest album, twelvefour, just over a year ago, and has been touring since, with a few breathers in between.

The band, which has risen in popularity in the US in recent years, managed to almost fill the entirety of U Street Music Hall with eager and awaiting fans. The band delivered its lulling and sweet tunes to a delighted audience, playing with confidence and comfort in the intimate venue. Vocalist Sam Bentley kept the audience laughing in between songs with an impressive array of dry humor and fun anecdotes.

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