Listen to an interview with Riley Breckenridge, drummer of rock experimentalists Thrice

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Thrice’s newest album, “Major / Minor,” is out now on Vagrant Records.

Interview by CJ Ballesteros

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  1. aidenstingemore says:

    Something that keeps me coming back to Thrice is the sheer variation between albums. From a post-hardcore inception, to a greater melodic presence, to atmospheric indie rock and now to their newest instalment of ‘Major/Minor,’ an experimental rock band doing their best impersonation of a grunge record. Drummer Riley Breckenridge’s point regarding the transition from a stripped down teenage band to a highly electronic, percussive and instrumentally fuelled band and then back again exemplifies just how committed Thrice are to never reproducing the same record and resting upon past laurels to churn out mediocre, half-assed records that many in the punk genre are guilty of.

    This trend towards homogeneity is a reviewer’s nightmare; you can only play off consistency for so long before it becomes a painfully obvious stagnation and subsequent defilement of a former glory. This parallels Riley’s other point regarding tour set lists and fan favourites, early Thrice classics like ‘Deadbolt’ and ‘The Artist in the Ambulance’ were played so relentlessly so as to appease fans but dually lost a little of the vigour and appeal amongst band members due to the repetitious nature of singles. In addition, I love how well-spoken each band member is and their general day-to-day ethos.


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