Soosh – "Colour is Breathe" available now!

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About a year ago, I wrote a post on Soosh, a Glasgow-based beatmaker who had really turned my head with his first self-titled EP. My first impression of his tunes was that they held a balance between groove and wonder. Since then, he has put out another four-song release called “SoFar” which had a similar vibe to it. Today marks the release of his first full length, “Colour is Breathe,” available via Error Broadcast for 6 pounds (you do the math?) at Boomkat. Vocals take much more of a role in his new tunes, which often feature contributions by his sister, Carmel Khavari. While his sound is a bit more grounded than it has been in the past, he maintains his now-signature expression of being in some unfamiliar sense of awe.┬áSpinning this album is like finding your home planet after floating through space for years. For fans of Teebs, Bad Vibes-era Shlohmo, James Blake. Also, he’s f@*&king gorgeous. Let’s have one more look.

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Four Tet – 0181 (free download!)

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Born on the forefront of the 90’s, I think I can safely say what does and does not sound like music from that decade. You got your beasties, your pumpkins – even some cranberries if you’re into that. So, like most listeners, I had to change my pants after I started playing a 45-minute track Kieran Hebden uploaded to Four Tet’s soundcloud a few days back. All that accompanied the track was one line of text, “Produced by Kieran Hebden 1997-2001. Compiled 2012.” For those not familiar with Four Tet’s output, this spans a period before he even released any music under this moniker.

Hebden’s style has changed at almost every point in his career, but an arc can be seen moving from jazzy sample-based headphone tunes to complex, intelligent dance music, emphasizing the “dance” aspect the genre usually only holds as a backdrop. As someone who prefers his former work but still adores the latter, this was a welcome change of pace.

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Legs Like Tree Trunks – Future Reference (free download!)

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i’ll admit to my bias of getting to know these guys pretty well from playing shows with them, but this is some universally enjoyable music. their self-produced debut EP has been on heavy rotation in my life since I first got it over a year ago. on this one, however, they spent a good year or so in one of the most respected studios in philadelphia crafting these into the fleshed-out finished products you hear today.

this level of professionalism really shows in the music itself – where before they bore their influences on their sleeve (maps & atlases, beach house, maybe some this town needs guns?), here those sounds are a mere layer underneath a sound totally their own. come smile and hop around in merriment – if the free downloads on their bandcamp are up, they posted a mediafire link in the text underneath the liner notes.

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HVZEL – Bird of Paradise (free download)

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Little is known of Winston Berg. A legend in the minecrafting scene, one can easily hear how the skills yearned in such a productive use of time spill over into his songwriting.

I only joke because I’m not sure how to talk about his music, but don’t let that stop you from listening to it. Show some love for a GW student that’s really doing his own thing – stream here and pay what you want for the full release.

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