BEBETUNE$ – inhale C-4 $$$$$

With his new mixtape, artist James Ferraro explores self-destruction in the digital age. This theme can be taken literally from his YouTube page, which includes a music video for a track entitled “GTA SUICIDE.” The video delivers on promises, featuring player avatars throwing themselves off virtual skyscrapers in Grand Theft Auto 4. But this theme of virtual suicide comes across more subtly in the satire of the tracks on inhale C-4 $$$$$. Classifying Ferraro’s music in standard genres is near impossible outside of the general umbrella of electronic music, but his beats, prominent use of auto-tune and repetition of a clip that announces “BEBETUNES” throughout the mixtape is an obvious rip on contemporary rap and hip-hop. Most tracks are experimental, and when Ferraro finds a solid, organized beat it’s not long before it dissolves into indecipherable auto-tune, cell phone ringtones, or garbled sampling from iPhone’s Siri. Throughout inhale, Ferraro aims to disorient, and it’s a unique experience to get lost in this collage of digital chimes, ringtones, sirens, cultural references, hollow brand names (who even knows what Pepsi really means??), video game avatars, and virtual currency.

inhale C-4 $$$$$ has been made available for free on Mediafire.

-Jim Walls

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  1. Icarus Redux says:

    This isn’t music, it’s a mixed-media art piece that just so happens to have musical underpinnings.


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