There For Tomorrow- Road to Nowhere

A couple months ago, alt-rockers There For Tomorrow earned a sponsorship deal from toy company Hasbro to promote their line of NERF products. Since this partnership, the toy company has released several videos of the Orlando, Fl-based twenty-somethings, whether it’s the band playing an acoustic version of their song “A Little Faster“, or enthusiastically shooting each other with NERF guns.

As a part of their sponsorship deal, NERF and There For Tomorrow have released two free songs. The first song is an old single and the title track off their 2009 debut, A Little Faster, and the second is a previously unreleased single, Road to Nowhere. The band recorded the latter from their home studio in January, giving their fans an early preview of the song by livestreaming the recording process on internet broadcasting site

I was not able to catch any of the recent Ustreams, and came into this single with fresh ears. Fresh and quite skeptical ears. There For Tomorrow released album #2, The Verge, last summer, one of the tracks bearing a similar name (Nowhere Blvd- is it just me or does vocalist/lyricist Maika Maile dislike driving with a destination?). I feared that, perhaps, Mr. Maile was running out of steam in the lyrical department.

Upon downloading, I was pleased to discover that this single is actually good. Really good. The track is definitely a response to Nowhere Blvd, but succeeds in shedding new light onto the motif of exploring new ground. The guitar line is catchy and addictive, and the vocals are strong and show off Maile’s impressive range. The song shows progression and growth from The Verge, but still sounds distinctly like There For Tomorrow.

Not bad for four guys recording from home, I’d say.

– Sara Schlosser


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