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Imagine a grainy film. A meadow. A blonde girl biking down a mountain top. A sweet voice whispering in your ear. That is Men I Trust. Unlike many other indie artists, this Quebec-born band has retained full control over their sound and aesthetic. Despite rising popularity, playing various music festivals and receiving praise from fellow artists like Tyler, The Creator, Men I Trust has impressively remained unsigned and unmanaged. With over 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, the band has captured their fans solely through the impact of their sound. Lead Singer Emma Proulx’s voice floats into each song and mesmerizes listeners with its subdued, silky quality. Their lullaby-like melodies, futuristic notes, and lofi-beats perfectly complement her vocals, creating a sound that’s upbeat and light, but also sleepy and entrancing. 

With only a handful of articles written about the trio, they are elusive when it comes to discussions about the meanings behind their lyrics. They shy away from this sort of publicity, and opt for their songs to speak for themselves–which has proven to be very successful. The first song I discovered from Men I Trust was “Lauren”, one of their initial singles released in 2016. With a jazzy base beat and gentle chords, I was instantly captured by how at ease the song made me feel. When I started listening to more of their music, I found this quality held true. Along with their sound, their lyrics make it feel as though Emma Proulx is right there with you, sharing vulnerability and offering guidance as would a friend. In my favorite song from the band, “Tell Me How”, Proulx sings.“My heart fell to love again/Show me how/I’m turning around I’m having visions of you/ But then I understand/The friend I’m dreaming of is far away/And doesn’t feel my love/ But I do, I do.” These lyrics resonated because my brain tends to run in similar circles, and hearing her come to a self-love resolution was really valuable. I felt understood and soothed, and that’s the power of Men I Trust.

As for current news, the band just released their newest album, Unatourable Album, in August, which was created during lockdown. According to an Instagram post, they explain that “[we] wrote freely, as if we were suspended in time with no external attachments.” These songs weren’t written with the intention of being played live or with any outside parameters, which allowed them to create music truly for themselves which holds true to the values of this band. They are also gearing up to go on tour in the US this October! 

To learn more about Men I Trust, you can check out the links below. Be sure to listen to the Spotify playlist I created with all my favorite Men I Trust songs, and let me know what you think about their latest album. This band is truly special, and I know they will continue getting the recognition that they deserve 🙂 

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