Eric Hutchinson @ 9:30 Club

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The 9:30 club was buzzing with excitement before Eric Hutchinson took the stage for his final concert. The independent artist had announced that this tour would be his last before taking an indefinite hiatus from touring. It was great to see so many people come to support Hutchinson. From families to couples, the young and old came out to show their love. I saw kids no older then elementary school stand next to elderly couples, which is a real testament to how universal his music is.

With his parents in the audience he took to the stage with a bang, playing the first song off his latest album “Dear Me” and the crowd was feeling it. Hutchinson’s music is playful and fun, the definition of feel good pop, but with plenty of piano and guitar to have a strong soul background. Each song tells a story of something he felt or experienced. In the middle of the show, he told the crowd a 10 minuet long story about a song he wrote while he drove to Target one night and just wanted to cry that was weirdly relatable.

He commanded the stage, moving from one side to the other. Playing piano while backed up by his band, the Believers, then to center stage to sing and play guitar. He took a break from playing his new album to play everyone’s old favorites “OK, It’s Alright With Me” and “Rock & Roll” which were some of his first songs that got him on the charts. You could tell he was having a great time, and the energy was infectious, spreading into the crowd.

After trying his best to sell off his limited-edition candles in bourbon glasses with more jokes, he came back on stage for an encore where he went into the crowd and sang with his fans. The show is best described as an uplifting experience. I was in a bad mood that day, but his music lifted me right out of it, and for a while I forgot about all the crazy stuff in the world. Eric Hutchinson’s energy, attitude, and music will be missed. Luckily, his whole discography is on Spotify for us to listen to hundreds of times.


-Shoshana Cohen

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