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Being able to write about a different venue every week has forced me to really open my eyes and actually look around at my surroundings when I am in a new place. Doing so at DC9 gave me an overwhelming feeling of joy and anticipation. Every single person there felt an unspoken sense of comradery. DC9 is the perfect size: small, but not claustrophobic. With everyone dancing to the same beats, the music envelops you in the square space, creating a bubble of happiness that no one ever wants to leave.

First walking into DC9 can be pretty intimidating, just from the amount of people yelling and drinking around the bar. But the red walls and wood furniture instantly gave me a sense of comfort, which travelled all the way up the stairs into where the main entertainment happens. Walking around upstairs, I was surprised to see such a low stage, which was only about six inches above the ground. Then I realized how much it helps with the cozy ambiance, almost mimicking what a house show feels like. Before the first set started, I was able to slide into one of the many booths they have on the side to rest up before the music ensued. With such a small space and a fully stocked bar close to the stage, everyone was dancing with a drink in their hand by the second set.

Located on the eastern tip of U Street, DC9 has both location and cost working in its favor. Most shows aren’t over $12, and they book some pretty incredible local and touring bands. It’s actually pretty difficult to walk around DC9 without running into or walking past one of the bands performing. That gives you a chance to chat them up and later brag to everyone about how you made new friends with a band you love (like I did this past week with High Highs). Although a lot of the shows are 21+, this is a fantastic venue to visit if possible.

If you’re interested in booking a show, email Steve Lambert at

Upcoming Shows: (all ages)

11/9: Walk The Plank. The Mostly Dead. The Sniffs. Doors at 8. ($8)

11/10: SAINTSENECA. LVL UP. Dead Professional. Doors at 8. ($10-12)

11/11: Alvvays. Absolutely Free. Doors at 8:30. ($10-12)

11/13: o’death. Joe Fletcher. Stone Jack Jones. Doors at 8. ($14)

11/15: Empires. Cold Fronts. Doors at 6:30. ($10-12)


-Shannon Turner

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