VENUE OF THE WEEK: U Street Music Hall

U Street Music Hall

1115 U Street NW



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Since its opening in 2010, U Street Music Hall has been booking some of the top DJs in the music business; and even if you’re not into electronic music, you’ll be into this venue. Everything about it feeds the soul with something you can only experience from live music. As an added bonus, they include a whole paragraph on their website regarding the U Street Music Foundation, highlighting the importance of music education programs for DC’s youths.

Located in the basement on the side of U Street, this venue means serious business when it comes to how they present themselves. Walking down the street looking at my phone, I almost missed it entirely. Only when I practically ran into a fence did I look up and see the black doors opening up to the black stairs leading into the black room that is U Street Music Hall. With only about 6 stools in total and three booths off to the side, the rest venue is empty space, leaving all the room in the world for dancing (something they stress considerably on their website). The main bar takes up the length of the room with a secondary bar off to the side next to the booths. The red and blue lights, disco balls, two-foot-high stage, and relatively low ceilings all add up to a close, intense feeling that makes every show here enjoyable.

U Street Music Hall houses a lot more talent than just DJs. With upcoming sold out shows such as Lo Fang, Kimbra, and Walk the Moon, this place turns every performance into an intimate connection between the audience and the artist. Walking into this venue makes you feel like you’re about to have one of the best nights of your life. The pounding acoustics make even the lamest people want to get up and dance. Before you decide to purchase tickets, make sure to check the ages for each event, because they do tend to have more 21+ shows. All in all, U Street Music Hall is definitely an important stop to make while in DC.

If you’re interested in booking a show, email them at

Upcoming Shows:

10/29: Digitalism (Live). Steven Faith. Doors at 9. ($15) 18+

11/1: Derrick Garter. Juan Zapata. Joe L. Doors at 10. ($12) 18+

11/2: This Will Destroy You. Future Death. Silent Land Time Machine. Doors at 7. ($15)

11/4: Walk The Moon. Doors at 7. ($20)

11/5: Hot Since 82. Chris Nitti. Doors at 10. ($15) 18+


– Shannon Turner

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