Shows We're Stoked For: Mittenfields, Case Conrad, King of Prussia, and Girafftermath at Velvet Lounge

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D.C favorite Mittenfields will be playing The Velvet Lounge on April 2nd, accompanied by rising indie rock acts Case Conrad, King of Prussia, and Girafftermath. Geographically speaking, Wednesday’s line-up is all over the place, with Case Conrad hailing from Sweden, King of Prussia from Athens, Georgia, and both Girafftermath and Mittenfields from D.C. The music will be no less impressive than their odometers.

Mittenfields’ repertoire has been, and continues to be, met with considerable praise, both locally and nationally. Their constant exploration of indie sub-genres has added great intrigue to DC’s music scene in the past few years and it is now staring to seep onto the national stage. The band has been touring extensively over the past few months, spreading their nineties garage rock meets math rock meets indie pop across to the continent to receptive crowds and critics. Tracks like “Goliath FTW” and “Mixed Signals” serve to reinforce their accolades with every listen.

Accompanying acts Case Conrad and King of Prussia both have a sound that aligns itself closely (but not overly so) to the classic conception of indie rock, with well-groomed guitar hooks and acoustic vigor. Their music is as redolent of rock and roll as it is of pop-punk and shoe-gaze, combining influences to intricately and subtly reconstruct the genre. Currently supporting their recently released albums–Conrad just released Leikko and Prussia released Zonian Girls & The Echoes That Surround Us All–both bands continue to garner critical acclaim.

While technically indie rock, Girafftermath’s catalogue could more easily be defined as an offshoot of rock and roll, with songs such as “Drinking and I and Runs on Jet Fuel strongly affirming this sentiment. Free of glockenspiels and over-orchestrated fillers, the band offers a fresh take on an older influence and plays with a much-welcomed charisma. They, along with their three peers, will undoubtedly be in good form Wednesday night. And it won’t be something to miss.


–Elliot Greiner

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