Keeping Score – She Dies Tomorrow


This is Keeping Score. Every other week, I recommend a movie and a playlist that riffs on the mood and themes from the movie. Sort of like an unofficial score. 

I’m still very much so riding the October horror movie wave. She Dies Tomorrow, Amy Seimetz’s dreamy horror take on infectious disease and the apocalypse, brings a brilliant combination of neon lights and earthly delights. As each character is ‘infected,’ they believe that they’re living their last day on earth. In horror and hedonism, we watch the end times unfold. 

The first song on the playlist, Mozart’s Lacrimosa, is a theme throughout the film. The requiem is a song for the dead, honoring the text: 

Full of tears will be that day 

When from the ashes shall arise 

The guilty man to be judged; 

Therefore spare him, O God, 

Merciful Lord Jesus, 

Grant them eternal rest. Amen. 

She Dies Tomorrow is harrowing fun. The rest of the playlist follows the sort of hedonistic gusto the characters indulge in. 

Enjoy the playlist this week

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