Your Next Favorite Artist: Binki


I discovered Binki in a process I’d like to call “discover weekly”. Spotify generates a playlist of songs based on who you’re listening to, and puts it out every Monday so that you can discover new artists. Every week, I start at the top of the list, giving each song 30 seconds to either win me over or usher me to the next track. When I got to Binki’s first single, “Marco”, it immediately warranted the drag over to my current playlist. 

For those of you who are fans of BROCKHAMPTON, Tyler the Creator, Childish Gambino, Yeek, Spencer. and those alike, Binki is the artist for you. With only four singles out, Binki has captured the attention of many, including Pandora, who listed him on “Pandora’s Artists to Watch in 2021”. What makes his music so special, is that each song offers a unique blend of pop, rap and R&B that is unlike anything I’ve heard before. Incorporating different elements from several genres, Binki creates an electrifying sound that ignites the performer inside of you. His songs build on themselves, starting with a steady pop beat, layered with electric guitar riffs, synths and tambourines to ramp up the energy. Along with this medley of instruments, what’s equally credited to achieving this fresh sound is Binki’s vocals. Utilizing a clear, confident tone, listening to Binki is like being yelled at to get off your feet, and move. In his song “Wiggle”, he repeats, “Hey, what’s the deal with this shit? Why are you standing around, when you can be moving your hips?” These kinds of playful lyrics are typical of Binki, and pair perfectly with the lively backdrop to create a high-energy song without the typical pop conventions. Often repeating phrases, changing the tempo and shifting emphasis from the lyrics to background, Binki uses these tools among others to create songs diverse in tone and rhythm that stand out for being catchy, up-beat, and quality. It is evident after listening to his work, that Binki is incredibly talented and ahead of the curb when it comes to creating music that can energize any listener. 

As for his background, Binki was raised by Kenyan American parents in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Unable to fit a single genre, Binki claims to draw inspiration from the artists stated above, as well as some African American Hip-hop and rap classics. Furthermore, before switching over to music, it’s important to note that Binki studied drama in college, as it lends to the dialogue, delivery and dramatic flair in his songs. 

As for current news, Binki was recently signed to FADER, a New York based record label. With only several singles out, increased recognition and a growing fan base, I have no doubt we will be hearing more from Binki in the near future. In the meantime, you can access his songs by clicking on the Spotify playlist I created here, and can check out his music videos on his youtube channel, found here.

With the semester coming to close, listening to Binki is just what you need to keep your spirits up and get you hyped for hot-person-summer while finishing out these last several weeks 🙂

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