Why Doesn’t Spotify Wrapped Include December?


Last time I checked, the Gregorian calendar has 12 months. The 12 months make up one year.  According to Spotify, the purpose of Wrapped is to summarize all the music you enjoyed that  year. Here’s my question: if the purpose of Spotify Wrapped is to sum up the year, why doesn’t it  include the whole year? December has 31 days, that’s a lot of time to listen to music, discover  new artists/genres, and repeatedly listen to a new song.  

I understand listeners’ impatience in seeing their year wrapped up. I was excited when I found  out it was getting released honestly. But, once I saw mine and thought about it, I realized that it is  totally incomplete. There will be more music this month that could change the Wrapped that they  gave me on December 1st. This year is not over quite yet. Now that 100 Gecs released a new song, I will be listening to it on repeat for the rest of the month. I know it belongs in my top 100  songs.  

So, Spotify, if you somehow see my post, extend Wrapped to include the entire year! No giving us false summaries of our music listening. 

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