Does it Matter What Anthony Fantano Says?


Anthony Fantano, aka theneedledrop on Youtube, is a well known music reviewer. Typically, a  video of his focuses on one album, which he introduces, then describes the music itself, goes  through the tracks, and finally gives a grade to the album.  

To get right down to it: No, I don’t think it matters what Anthony Fantano says. Sure, it could also be argued that it doesn’t matter what I say, or what you say. But, I choose to talk about Fantano because he has hundreds of thousands of people who watch his videos. The reason I  think what he says doesn’t matter is because his reviews are just as warranted as my/ your  opinions. He may be more eloquent than me/you, or may use a bigger vocabulary, but it doesn’t  mean that his ideas are universally correct.  

My main point with this post is that Anthony Fantano isn’t correct in his reviews. That’s one of the many cool things about music, it’s all subjective. So just because Anthony didn’t give your  favorite album a high grade, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad album. I hope people don’t agree with  Fantano’s reviews just because he’s famous and has a lot of subscribers. Think for yourself, think  about the music, and form your own opinions.  

Yes, I do see the fun in listening to other people’s album reviews. I am not trying to discredit Fantano. Personally, there are reviews of his that I enjoy watching and hearing how he describes certain music. My one hope is that he is not creating thousands of clones through these videos who mindlessly repeat all his opinions. 

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