An Interview with The Walking Sticks

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D.C dream pop trio The Walking Sticks (composed of Chelsea Lee and brothers Spencer and Max Ernst) are coming off the excitement of having released their album Send The Night in December of last year, and are now ready to drop a new five track EP. The band has been finding great success within The District’s music scene, having just played the 9:30 Club two weeks ago, and Black Cat previous to that. Now, amid a schedule of festival and club dates, The Walking Sticks are planning a pre-release show on September 27 at DC9, complete with a live music video shoot for their new song “One Sweet Thing”. WRGW catches up with them outside of The Library of Congress, where they are taking a break in between sets of a private gig.


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Shows We're Stoked For: The Walking Sticks at the Black Cat, 1/18

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Synth-Pop and soul are rarely grouped together; in fact the pairing comes off almost as an oxymoron. Soul is a readily organic sound whereas Synth Pop lies on the fringes of electronic music, sharing lineage with the likes of Depeche Mode and Daft Punk. It is perhaps a feat that local D.C. band, The Walking Sticks, have bridged the gap between the natural and electronic, marking a spot between the end of dream pop and the beginning of soul. The keystone of their sound lies in the minimalistic approach of brothers Max and Spencer Ernst who, against all popular trends, opt out of over styling their music into glittery confusion. The brothers, like all good artists, preserve only what needs to be, and manage to create an unwavering and full-bodied ambience.

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