Shows to Know: San Fermin @ the Barns at Wolf Trap – 1/30

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If you cross the beltway for anything, make it for San Fermin at the Barns at Wolf Trap this Friday. Sure, it’s at the end of the orange line in Vienna, Virginia and maybe you have to take a second form of transportation to get from the metro to the theater, but this band is worth it. The brainchild of Ellis Ludwig-Leone, San Fermin is a 22-piece ensemble made up of classically trained musicians playing a mix of chamber pop and classical music. While their touring band is made up of a smaller core of musicians, there is no shortage of instruments nor bold instrumentalists on stage. Continue reading “Shows to Know: San Fermin @ the Barns at Wolf Trap – 1/30”

San Fermin at DC9

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San Fermin
This rad photo was not taken by the author. Photo credit to the band.

Although San Fermin is often described as falling under the incredibly vague and often misleading genre “baroque-pop”, their sound is much more expansive than the narrow scope encapsulated by the phrase. Flowing through their album Thursday night, San Fermin put on an almost operatic performance as they lead the crowd through their concept album (eponymously named San Fermin), which follows a melodramatic male character and an aloof female character through discussions of their relationship, hitting both notes of wistfulness and freneticism. Written by contemporary classical composer, Ellis Ludwig-Leone, the album utilizes his background to tell a lush musical story of the insecurities faced in relationships while the live performance is an ultimately cathartic experience. Continue reading “San Fermin at DC9”