Augustines at U St Music Hall


Having become familiar with Augustines after randomly stumbling upon them while perusing through Youtube related videos, I expected a predictable, yet enjoyable indie rock show. What I saw on Wednesday was not that, it was something much, much different.

This was indeed a quite special stop on their US Walkabout tour. It was the first show in which the regular bass player and keyboardist Eric Sanderson was back, after leaving for a family emergency. What a comeback it was.

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Interview – Max Bloom of Yuck


Last December I talked with Max Bloom, guitarist and recently appointed frontman of the London based indie rock group Yuck. Bloom was the band’s lead guitarist until April 2013, when previous singer and songwriter Daniel Blumberg departed the band to start a solo career. Their second record Glow & Behold was released in September, and they are currently on tour and playing at the Rock and Roll Hotel this Thursday! Tickets can be purchased here.

Max and I talked over Skype about their new album, getting back on the road, horns in rock music, and the mice problem in his flat. **Special thanks to Jordan Grobe for helping produce**.

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Kate Nash at the 9:30 Club

Photo Credit: Author
Photo Credit: Author

It’s not often that you see a performer who truly gives her all on stage. Kate Nash is one of those artists. She doesn’t just sing her songs–she creates an environment in which concertgoers have an experience unlike any other. Between her Girl Gang, her strange yet relatable speeches, and her well coordinated crowd surfing skills, Kate Nash turned her November 11th concert into a night I’ll never forget.

You might ask, “What’s a Girl Gang?” It’s a group of three badass females who form the band backing Kate Nash. Nash has always been a fan of transferring gender roles and is adamant that her band be dominated by women. Her choice is not only inspiring, but also works in her favor. Her Girl Gang, sporting dope “Death Proof” tees, helps to convey Nash’s themes that women are awesome and guys suck. These women were especially inspiring to me because they didn’t need an extravagant wardrobe or the gimmicks that often come with female artists; they instead jammed out in t-shirts and jeans and looked really cool doing it. Continue reading “Kate Nash at the 9:30 Club”

Dawes with Shovels and Rope: The Crowd Connection with Taylor Goldsmith. More Pictures and Video from the front row to follow shortly.

When you go and see Dawes live in concert (which I suggest ALL of you do), you’re getting “A Little Bit of Everything.” With the release of their third album, Stories Don’t End, the band is continuing to produce the best music I’ve heard from a modern band (this coming from a radio DJ who’s seen a dozen concerts this summer thus far). There are amazing songs, there are amazing bands, there are amazing bands that put on amazing shows, and then there is Dawes. They truly are a category all their own, with a humble talent and energy that is so wonderful to see and is rarely experienced (The Lone Bellow is another band that comes to mind with this endearing quality).

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Harris Face and The Restoration CD Release Party and Performance at The Dunes

Hey all!

Remember a few months ago when we featured Harris Face and The Restoration’s single, “The Squall”? They’re a D.C. band with GWU alums? Ringing a bell? Well, they’re back in action and with a brand-spankin’-new debut EP called Hopeful Paranoia!  To celebrate, they’ll be performing at The Dunes, a multifaceted performance venue here in D.C. (Columbia Heights)!

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