Broadway Album Review: Myron & E

ImageMyron & E are a duo off of Stone Throw’s Records who just released their first album, Broadway. The album begins with the song “Turn Back,” and we are instantly reminded of the opening drum beat from Led Zeppelin’s “Since I’ve Been Loving You”—but the similarities stop there. Myron & E’s actual song is far trippier and reminiscent of a nice drive down a sunny California road. However, their lyrics are strikingly cliché and the voice does not match the soothing vibe the music is trying to achieve. The album improves with “If I Gave You My Love,” because a certain Blues Brothers sax comes through and shows their ability to produce music that is reflective of multiple eras. “Everyday Love” gets you dancing, but the layering of Myron’s voice on the track makes it sound like a bad vocal mash up.

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