Album review: Youth Lagoon's Wondrous Bughouse

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Back in early 2010,  everybody was looking forward to MGMT’s Congratulations. Personally, it was a flop. Congratulations represented, for me at least, the epitome of a sophomore slump album. It tried too hard to be something that blew everyone’s mind. Sure, Oracular Spectacular was amazing because it was weird. It was just that Congratulations pushed the boundaries past the line where it seemed acceptable.

The new Youth Lagoon album, Wondrous Bughouse, reminds me a lot of that attempt to go down the path where MGMT’s second album failed. To begin with, the name Wondrous Bughouse makes the album scream feel weird. That is exactly what it is. From the get go, with the first song, “Through Mind and Back”, I found myself wondering what was going on. What mess did I get into? Did I just enter the mindspace of some avant-garde film?

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Beach Fossils – Clash the Truth

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Earlier this week saw the release of Beach Fossils’ sophomore album Clash the Truth. The Brooklyn-based indie band, originally started as a solo-project by Dustin Payseur, displays an apparent evolution in Clash the Truth that holds true to their beach-infused identity, while straying from the one-sided, reverb-slicked tracks of their self-titled album in 2010. The album’s fourteen tracks seem to aim at making sense of the life and times of Payseur through a youthful scope. With that, Payseur’s lyrics have a sense of confusion and question to them like a college student who is undecided and clueless as to what major to declare.

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