SBTRKT @ 9:30 Club (3/30/12)

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Photo Credit: Tim Dalferro

Tribal-masked British electro/pop/R&B duo SBTRKT played to a sold out crowd Friday night at the 9:30 Club. The project of musician Aaron Jerome, SBTRKT is on tour as a duo with collaborator Sampha, who produced and provided much of the vocals for SBTRKT’s 2011 self-titled debut album. While some elements of Friday night’s set consisted of pre-recorded beats and samples, Jerome took to keyboards and live percussion on drum set, while Sampha covered vocals. As for tracks such as Wildfire and Pharaohs, which feature guest vocalists on the album (Little Dragon and Roses Gabor respectively), the vocals were sampled for the live show (although interestingly the duo sampled from the Drake version of Wildfire. Drake has performed live with SBTRKT on this track in the past, but alas he appears to be absent on this tour). The duo’s set lasted a little over an hour, disappointingly short, but not unusual for a venue like the 9:30 Club. There was some nice jamming Friday night between the well-known singles, but even more would’ve been extremely welcomed. Nevertheless for the quality they packed into their set, it’s hard to complain.

-Jim Walls

Interview: Future Islands

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“Balance” off Future Islands’ new album On the Water

“This is a song about me today singing about myself seven years ago,” said Future Islands vocalist Sam Herring, introducing their song “Balance” at the Black Cat Tuesday night.

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