An Interview With Autograf


Photo credit: Jordan Farley

After a beautiful symphony of tropical beats, along with the first live performance of the recent remix of ODESZA’s “All We Need (feat. Shy Girls), we caught up with Jake and Louis, the duo known as Autograf, to chat after their Saturday night set at U Hall. The duo delivered an upbeat, groovy, move-your-body set infused with their signature future summer style. And after their set, the boys were gracious enough to hang out with us while we enjoyed the funky stylings of Zimmer.

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MØ @ 9:30 Club – A Photo Review + Interview


All photos: Lotanna Obodozie

Lotanna: If anyone told me before this show that Karen Marie Ørsted (nom de guerre, MØ) was going to be dancing on bars and crowd surfing, I might not have believed them. MØ makes pop music, but pop music with a harder edge. With her musical beginnings originating in the Danish punk scene, her stage antics are not entirely unexpected. The show was lively, with an energy that radiated throughout the entire room. The entire crowd was dancing, I was dancing, and I couldn’t see them, but I’m sure the bouncers and bartenders were probably dancing too. MØ’s stage presence is larger than life, and the 9:30 Club was hardly big enough to contain her effervescence.

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EDM Anthropological Adventures with Si, Jordan, and Flux Pavilion at Echostage

Flux Pavilion performing "The Scientist"
Flux Pavilion performing “The Scientist”

Jordan: So what about that concert, huh? That was quite a, how to put this, social and cultural experience. I have never been in an environment where I’ve felt so out of place wearing jeans and a t-shirt to a concert.

Si: I have never seen so many gluteus maximii (AKA butt cheeks) in one place in my life. I can’t imagine going somewhere in a bra, underwear, and fuzzy boots. I’m 110% not about that PLUR life.

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ATTACK OF THE SYNTHS: The Naked and Famous and The Colourists at the 9:30 Club

On a somewhat cold Monday night, Sam and Jordan decided to go to the 9:30 Club and check out the sold out show featuring The Naked and Famous. This is what we had to say about them.

Jordan: It’s not often that the opening act is better than the headliner but in this case, that’s what happened and I was shocked.

Sam: You fell in love with someone that Monday night there didn’t you?

Jordan: Yes, yes I did, it was with the drummer from The Colourist, Maya. She looked like Lindsey from Freaks and Geeks and drummed like no one I’ve ever seen live before.

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